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Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Negative Declaration

Erie County - The Buffalo Public School District, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Phase II of the Modernization, Reconstruction and Improvements Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the work to be undertaken during Phase II and will differ among school facilities but will include comprehensive upgrades of interior spaces including new finishes; mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems improvements; and technology and accessibility improvements. Exterior improvements to the buildings' envelopes will include upgrades to roofs, windows, doors and masonry. Additions to some schools will be constructed, and driveway/parking improvements will be made at some facilities. Improvements will be made to All-High Stadium as well. Technology upgrades to improve computer capability and Energy Performance Contract work to improve energy efficiencies will also be undertaken. Although it is not clear that any Type I threshold is met and much of the improvements are Type II (exempt) kinds of work, Phase II of the Project has been treated as a Type I project given the number of facilities involved.

Contact: Roy W. Rogers, Buffalo Public Schools, 422 City Hall, Buffalo, New York 14202, phone: (716) 851-3524, fax: (716) 851-3750, E-Mail: kgranelli@buffalo.k12.ny.us.