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Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Availability of Remedial Action Work Plan

DEC Region: #4
County: Montgomery
Lead Agency: NYSDEC

Project Title: VCP Site Name: Mohawk Finishing Products, V00372

Site Location: Region 4, Montgomery County, Town of Amsterdam, 4715 State Highway 30

Project Description: The facility formerly manufactured various wood finishing products. The facility is comprised of a group of connected buildings that cover an area of approximately 5 acres. The site formerly had 22 underground storage tanks that were used for storage of various chemicals and have been decommissioned and closed out. All manufacturing and shipping operations at the site have ceased. All manufacturing equipment within the 135,000 square foot buildings have been removed. Following are the areas that will require remediation, based on the information developed from the Remedial Investigation.

Former Tank Farm Area - During the closure of the underground tanks VOCs, naphtha and alcohols detected in soils were largely remediated. Upon confirmation sampling, some residual contamination had been left. This contamination, primarily BTEXs, will be excavated as part of this plan. Approximately 500 yds will be removed with confirmation sampling to follow.

Drainage Spur Ditch - Just prior to facility closure there was a leak of n-butyl acetate from an exterior pipe on the side of Building 6. Booms were used for collection of the acetate but later soil/sediment samples showed acetate presence. This ditch will be excavated for impacted sediments; approximately 12 yds are expected to be removed. Post excavation confirmatory sampling will be done.

ORC Injection - There is a small area approximately 40 feet south of Building 6, in the vicinity of GM-18, that has contamination in groundwater. The contamination contains some chlorinated VOCs, but is primarily BTEX. This area is too distant to be remediated with the primary remedial system so instead will be treated with Oxygen Release Compound (ORC). The ORC will be pressure injected via 16 temporary Geoprobe borings covering an area of 400 square feet. Remedial progress will be determined via groundwater monitoring.

Vacuum Enhanced Recovery - This is the primary component of the RAWP. The VER will be comprised of recovery wells, a liquid ring pump (LRP) and process equipment. The LRP will be used to apply a high vacuum to the recovery wells, which will increase well yields and capture zones. The LRP will simultaneously extract groundwater and soil vapor from the recovery well‘s zone of influence. The vapor and groundwater will be transferred to the treatment systems. Groundwater will be treated by activated carbon and discharged and soil vapor will be treated using carbon and potassium permanganate oxidizing beds. The design of the full-scale VER system will be based on the performance results of a pilot test composed of several wells installed in Building 6's area of concern.

Opportunity of Public Comment: Comments on this project must be submitted in writing to the contact person no later than November 19, 2004.

Walter F. Wintsch Jr.
NYSDEC Region 4 Headquarters
1150 N. Westcott Rd.
Schenectady, NY 12306

Brownfield Cleanup Program

Center Island South
City of Green Island, Albany County
State of New York

Pursuant to ECL 27-1407 and 1417

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) administers the Brownfield Cleanup Program pursuant to ECL 27-1400 et seq. The Brownfield Cleanup Program is designed to encourage the remediation of contaminated properties known as brownfields for reuse and redevelopment. Maldel, LLC has submitted an application to participate in the Brownfield Cleanup Program. The application was determined to be complete by the Department on October 8, 2004. The property described in the application is located at 1 Osgood Avenue, Green Island, New York 12183. The application proposes that the applicant will conduct investigation and/or remedial activities at the site. The application proposes that the site will be used for commercial purposes.

The Department will receive public comments concerning the application for thirty days from October 20, 2004 through November 19, 2004. After review of the application and any public comments received, the Department will determine whether to accept the Applicant‘s request to participate in the Brownfield Cleanup Program. If the Department accepts the Applicant‘s request to participate, it will execute a Brownfield Cleanup Agreement (BCA) with the Applicant. By executing a BCA, the Applicant would commit to undertake certain remedial activities under the Department‘s oversight. A copy of the application as well as a copy of the Site Investigative Report is available in the document repository for this site located at the Village Hall, Village of Green Island, NY.

The referenced documents are draft and have not been reviewed by the Department staff prior to their release for public comment. The Department, in conjunction with the New York State Department of Health will review these documents during the public comment period.

All citizens are encouraged to offer comments in writing to and refer questions to:
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Region 4
1150 N. Westcott Road
Schenectady, New York 12306
ATTN: Tony Kokocki

Negative Declaration

Albany County - The Albany County Airport Authority, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Southern Terminal Ramp Sewer Extension will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the installation of approximately 1,350 linear feet of 8-inch PVC gravity sewer line extending from an existing Town of Colonie 18” sanitary sewer on the grounds of the Shaker Heritage Society Ann Lee Home site, northeast across Dalessondro Boulevard to the southern terminal ramp of the Albany International Airport. The route passes just north of the Ann Lee Nursing Home as well. The proposed project will not increase flows to the sanitary sewer system, but will relocate the approximate 3,200 gallon/day discharge from the airport to a new connection point on the Ann Lee Home site. The proposed construction includes the use of the jack-and-bore method to install the sewer beneath Shaker Creek and beneath Dalessondro Boulevard to avoid the potential impacts associated with the open cut technique to those resources. The project is located at Albany International Airport, Dalessondro Boulevard, and the Ann Lee Home access road, Albany, New York.

Contact: Steve Iachetta, Albany International Airport Administration Building, Suite 200, Albany, NY 12211-1057, phone: (518) 242-2238, fax: (518) 242-2641.