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Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Public Notice

On July 8, 2004, the Westchester County Board of Acquisitions and Contract awarded a contract to City Carting of Westchester, Inc. pursuant to Section 120-w of the New York General Municipal Law, for Solid Waste Transfer Stations and Material Recovery Facility Management and Operations, and Solid Waste Disposal, Composting and Miscellaneous Services. The validity of this contract or the procedures which led to its award may be hereafter contested within sixty days after the date of this notice and only upon the ground or grounds that: (1) such award or procedure was not authorized pursuant to that section, or (2) any of the provisions of that section which should have been complied with at the date of this publication have not been substantially complied with, or (3) a conflict of interest can be shown in the manner in which the contract was awarded; or by action, suit or proceeding commenced on the grounds that such contract was awarded in violation of the provisions of the Constitution.

Negative Declaration

Westchester County - The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP), as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Hillview Reservoir Improvements will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The New York City Department of Environmental Protection is proposing improvements to Hillview Reservoir. Hillview Reservoir is a 90-acre reservoir owned by the City of New York, which serves to provide balancing storage and regulates pressures between the upstate water supply and the New York City water distribution system. Water also receives chlorination as a final treatment step before entering three City Water Tunnels for delivery. The improvements fall into three categories: (1) worker safety requirements, (2) security improvements, and (3) miscellaneous improvements. Comments were solicited from involved agencies from April 30, 2004 through May 17, 2004. Hillview Reservoir is located in the City of Yonkers, Westchester County, New York, and is generally bounded by New York State Thruway (Interstate 87) and its service road (Central Park Avenue North) to the northwest; Hillview Avenue and Hall Place to the southwest; Kimball Avenue to the southeast; and Halsted Avenue and Shipman Avenue to the northeast.

Contact: Terrell Estesen, 59-17 Junction Boulevard, 11th Floor, Flushing, NY 11373, phone: (718) 595-4473, fax: (718) 595-4479, email: testesen@dep.nyc.gov.