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Availability of Voluntary Cleanup Project Remedial Action Work Plan for Comment

Former J&S Conveyor Property, VCP Site No. V00644–8

Project Location: Region 8, Ontario County, Town of Richmond, Hamlet of Honeoye, 39 E. Main Street.

Brief Project Description: The former J&S Conveyors site is 3.44 acres in size and improved with a 39,000 square foot building. The site location is 39 East Main Street in the Hamlet of Honeoye; surrounding land use are commercial and industrial with an apartment complex located about 300 feet to the east. Mill Creek and undeveloped land borders the site to the south and two municipal supply wells (confined aquifer) are located about 600 feet to the north.

Beginning in 1959, the site has been used for manufacturing mobile homes, iron works, and conveyors. J&S Conveyors manufactured steel–belted conveyors from 1981 until 1997, when the property was reportedly abandoned due to financial difficulties. The data collected in December 2000 during the site investigation indicate that soil and groundwater contamination is present in the vicinity of the former paint room and that the contamination was most likely the result of past painting and cleaning operations. In February 2004, a local company, Custom Air Design, purchased the property from Ontario County for business expansion and signed a voluntary cleanup agreement with the NYSDEC.

The proposed cleanup plan calls for removal of contaminated soils near the former paint shop and loading dock. Soil stability, building foundations, and groundwater intrusion may preclude complete removal so deed restrictions may become necessary. A soil venting system would also be installed along the foundation in this area to prevent vapor intrusion into site buildings. Groundwater would be monitored for a minimum of five years, groundwater use would be prohibited, and future site use would be restricted to commercial and industrial uses. Lastly, annual certifications would be made to the DEC that the remedy at the site remains protective of human health and the environment.

Public participation in the cleanup process is encouraged. The cleanup plan (Remedial Action Work Plan) for this site is available at the Honeoye Library and at the NYSDEC Avon office. Comments will be accepted until July 30, 2004.

James H. Craft
Engineering Geologist
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Environmental Remediation – Region 8
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Avon, NY 14414–9519
e-mail: jhcraft@gw.dec.state.ny.us
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