Completed Applications
Consolidated SPDES Renewals

6NYCRR Part 40 Notice of Emergency Adoption and Proposed Rule Making

Pursuant to the Environmental Conservation Law, Sections 13-0340-b, 13-0340-e and 13-0340-f, the Department of Environmental Conservation hereby gives notice of the following:

Notice of Emergency Adoption and Proposed Rule Making of 6NYCRR Part 40 relating to marine fish. This notice will be published in issue 19 of the State Register, dated 5/12/2004 and was effective upon filing on 4/23/2004.

For further information contact:
Alice Weber, Bureau of Marine Resources
Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources
205 N. Belle Meade Rd.
East Setauket, NY 11733
Telephone: (631) 444-0435
E-mail: amweber@gw.dec.state.ny.us

Brownfield Cleanup Program

West 19th Street Development Site
City of New York, New York County
State of New York

Pursuant to ECL 27-1407 and 1417

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) administers the Brownfield Cleanup Program pursuant to ECL 27-1400 et seq. The Brownfield Cleanup Program is designed to encourage the remediation of contaminated properties known as brownfields for reuse and redevelopment. HTRF Ventures, LLC; IAC / Georgetown 19th Street, LLC; Georgetown 19th Street Phase I, LLC; IAC 19th Street Holdings, LLC and Georgetown 19th Street Development, LLC have submitted an application to participate in the Brownfield Cleanup Program by transition from the Voluntary Cleanup Program as co-volunteers for the property located at 80 Eleventh Avenue in Manhattan. Georgetown 19th Street Development, LLC is currently subject to an agreement under the State Voluntary Cleanup Program for this site at which remedial investigation work has been conducted and approved by the Department and the New York State Department of Health. The application was determined to be complete by the Department on May 5, 2004. The application proposes that the site will be used for commercial purposes.

The Department will receive public comments concerning the application for thirty days from May 12, 2004 through June 12, 2004. The Volunteer has previously submitted, and the Department has approved the following documents for the site, which are available by contacting the Department’s representative at the address listed below:

All citizens are encouraged to offer comments in writing to:
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Environmental Remediation
625 Broadway
Albany, New York 12233-7014
ATTN: Mr. Joseph Moloughney, Project Manager
Phone #: (518) 402-9662

Positive Declaration

New York City County - The New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY), as lead agency, has determined that the proposed New Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan, CEQR #: 03-DOS-004Y may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared. The action involves New York City Department of Sanitation (DSNY) proposing a new Comprehensive Solid Waste Management Plan (new SWMP) as required under the Environmental Conservation Law. The City’s first 10-year SWMP, as modified, was extended through October 2004 ("existing SWMP"). The new SWMP, proposed for a 20-year period, will build on the existing SWMP to provide for the long-term management of all solid waste generated in New York City.

The new SWMP will continue the City’s waste reduction and recycling programs and reliance on the export of non-recyclable solid waste from the City for disposal. The new SWMP proposes DSNY’s Staten Island Transfer Station for the long-term export of Staten Island waste. For the long-term export of the remaining DSNY–managed waste generated in the City, the new SWMP assesses the development of state-of-the-art facilities at up to eight DSNY Marine Transfer Station (MTS) sites, as well as alternatives to these new facilities. Use of the MTS sites requires the design of new facilities (Converted MTSs) to containerize DSNY-managed putrescible solid waste into sealed, leak-proof containers for further transport by barge or rail to disposal facilities. The new facilities would include, among other things, a dedicated waste tipping floor, container cranes and associated environmental controls. The design necessitates replacing the existing MTSs and would result in a larger facility footprint at each MTS site. This change will enable DSNY to discontinue the current interim reliance on transfer trailer trucks to export DSNY-managed waste from much of the City. Also, the new SWMP will assess the feasibility of receiving and containerizing some locally-generated commercial putrescible solid waste at the Converted MTSs. A proposed change to DSNY’s recycling program would be a long-term contract for the processing of source-separated recyclables, such as metal, glass and plastic.

The new SWMP will incorporate relevant portions of the existing SWMP. Together with such incorporated elements, the new SWMP will identify the quantity and types of solid waste generated in the City and the proposed or existing solid waste management facilities used to manage such waste.

The new SWMP will also make projections of future population, waste generation and changes to the waste stream. The new SWMP will determine the appropriate capacity of the converted MTSs to process DSNY-managed (and potentially commercial) putrescible waste, analyze various alternatives, and assess the potential impacts associated with each alternative. The new SWMP will address the management of various types of solid waste exported out of the City (including certification of disposal capacity for waste to be exported for longer than five years) and other types of waste to be managed within the City. The project is located citywide.

Contact: Abas O. Braimah, New York City Department of Sanitation, 125 Worth Street, Room 708, New York, NY 10013, phone: (646) 885-4993, fax: (212) 442-9090, E-mail: abraimah@dsny.nyc.gov.

Notice Of Acceptance Of Draft EIS

New York City County - The New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC), in cooperation with Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and Federal Railroad Administration (FRA), have completed a Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Cross Harbor Freight Movement Project. Evaluated as part of the project are alternatives proposed to improve the movement of goods throughout northern New Jersey and southern New York. NYCEDC is the study sponsor, and FHWA and FRA serve as joint lead agencies for the prepration of the DEIS under the regulations of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA).

Considered in the analyses and impact assessments in the DEIS are the benefits of an improved freight transportation system in the region and the potential effects on railway and highway systems, land use, visual character, natural resources, water quality, air quality, noise and vibration, energy, contaminated materials, cultural resources, and environmental justice. Conceptual mitigation measures to reduce anticipated localized impacts are discussed in the document. Also considered in the DEIS are the financial feasibility and cost-effectiveness of each alternative.

Contact: Alice Cheng, NYCEDC, Cross Harbor Freight Movement Project DEIS, c/o STV, Inc, 225 Park Avenue South, New York New York 10003.

Notice Of Acceptance Of Final EIS

New York City (Manhattan) County - The Federal Transit Administration and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority/New York City Transit, as lead agencies, have accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Second Avenue Subway. The action involves the Second Avenue Subway which would be a new, two-track, approximately 8.5-mile raised line extending the length of Msnhattan's East Side corridor from 125th Street to Hanover Square, serving East Harlem, the Upper East Side, Midtown, Gramercy Park/Union Square, the East Vollage/Lower East Side/Chinatown, and Lower Manhattan.

Contact: New York City Transit, 130 Livingston Street, Room 3012D, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

New York City (Brooklyn) County - The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Downtown Brooklyn Development, CEQR No. 03DME016K. The action involves a public planning effort to stimulate economic development in the Downtown Brooklyn area. Discretionary actions included as part of the project include zoning map and text changes, street mapping changes, urban renewal actions, the disposition of City-owned property, special permits for public parking facilities, and related land use actions. A Notice of Completion for the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) was issued on November 28, 2003. Completion of a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS) was then required to revise the future baseline, or No Build conditions, analyzed in the DEIS to account for a potential mixed-use arena development in the Atlantic Terminal area of Brooklyn that could affect the conditions assessed in the DEIS. A Notice of Completion for the DSEIS was issued on March 8, 2004. A public hearing on both the DEIS and DSEIS was held on March 24, 2004 and the public comment period concluded April 7, 2004. The Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) incorporates the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) and the probable impacts of the proposed project and mitigation are reflective of the project in its entirety. The project area is within Downtown Brooklyn and is bounded generally by Adams Street/Boerum Place to the west, Schermerhorn Street to the south, Ashland Place to the east and Tillary Street to the north.

Contact: Hardy Adasko, New York City Economic Development Corporation, 110 William Street, New York, NY 10038, phone: (212) 312–3703, fax: Fax: (212) 312–3989, E-mail: hadasko@nycedc.com.