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Voluntary Cleanup Agreement #V-00422-9
Notice of Availability for Comment

Project Title: Availability of Remedial Action Plan
ROCO Ltd., VCP Site No. V-00422-9

Project Location: 1746 Dale Road, Cheektowaga, New York , Erie County

Brief Project Description: The site consists of a one-story 33,000 square foot cement block and cement on grade building which occupies most of the site, with the exception of a parking lot in the southeast corner and a few feet around the remaining property. The site is located due north and across Dale Road from the Niagara Transformer inactive hazardous waste disposal site (#915146).

ROCO, Ltd. was the former Rotary Company, Inc. which operated a metal and plastic fabricating facility at the site from 1946 to 1994. The site operations involved metal preparation, finishing and precision sheet metal fabrication including shearing, punching, forming, welding, iron phosphate surface treatment, painting and silk screening, machining and heat treating and polishing. Materials processed included stainless steel, steel, aluminum, copper, brass, specialty metals, exotic metals, extrusions and plastic. Metal degreasing operations led to releases of contaminants.

Under a voluntary cleanup agreement, the site owner completed an environmental investigation, outlined in a report dated March 2002. Based on this report and previous site investigations, it was determined that chlorinated compounds (e.g. primarily trichloroethene and cis 1,2-dichloroethene) exist in the subsurface soils and groundwater beneath the site. A supplemental investigation initiated in July 2002 further delineated the extent of the contamination to portions of the adjoining properties west and north of the site.

The March 2002 report also included an analysis of remedial alternatives. That evaluation recommended in situ bioremediation, using hydrogen-releasing compounds (HRC) to enhance the natural degradation of the chlorinated compounds. In July 2002, a pilot study bioremediation program was initiated with the injection of a proprietary HRC formulation. The pilot study was completed in June 2003 and the results outlined in an October 2003 report which also included the results of the supplemental site investigation and a Remedial Action Plan.

The proposed Remedial Action Plan involves the in situ bioremediation of soil and groundwater at the site through the addition of a proprietary HRC formulation. The HRC compound will be injected into the soils in areas of the site where the contaminant concentrations were highest. The groundwater will be monitored and tested on a monthly and quarterly basis following the injection to assess the effectiveness of the treatment.

The proposed Remedial Action Plan and the Voluntary Cleanup Agreement are available for public review at the location noted below. Written comments will be accepted for 30 days following the date of this notice. Written comments expressing objection or opposition to the work plan must explain the basis of that opposition and identify the specific grounds which could lead the Department to impose significant changes to the work plan. No formal response to comments received is anticipated but, as a result of the comments, the Department may re-evaluate and revise the work plan.

Contact person: David P. Locey, NYSDEC Region 9, 270 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14203-2999, (716)851-7220, fax (716)851-7226.

Negative Declaration

Chautauqua County - The State University Construction Fund, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Rehab/Addition to Cranston Hall will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the renovation of an existing dining hall, building rehabilitation, and addition for a campus bookstore, and the construction of a 4-story addition for a 124-bed residence hall. The project will serve existing campus population and improve current facilities and amenities. The project is located at the State University College, Central Avenue, Fredonia, NY.

Contact: Margaret C. McSorley, SUCF, 353 Broadway, Albany, NY 12207, phone: (518) 689-2591, fax: (518) 689-2635.

Erie County - The Town Board of the Town of Clarence, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Fox Trace East Subdivision will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves a 92-lot single-family residential subdivision located on approximately 58 acres. The proposal involves the rezoning of the property from Agricultural to Residential-A in order to meet the density requested. The project is located on the south side of Greiner Road, 700' east of Harris Hill Road.

Contact: James Callahan, Planning and Zoning Department, One Town Place, Clarence, New York 14031, phone: (716) 741-8933.