New Hearing Notices For ENB Issue of
March 3, 2004

for permit and legislative proceedings conducted by the NYSDEC Office of Hearings and Mediation Services

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New Notices for ENB Issue of March 3, 2004: 1

Hanson Aggregates New York, Incorporated - The Applicant proposes to modify and renew an existing permit for a quarry located west of Upper Holley Road in the Town of Clarendon. A pre-adjudicatory hearing issues conference will be held on March 26, 2004 at 10:30 a.m. at the Clarendon Town Hall.

IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT THAT ANY PERSONS REQUESTING PARTY STATUS APPEAR OR BE REPRESENTED AT THE ISSUES CONFERENCE IN ORDER THAT ALL VALID ISSUES MAY BE FULLY DISCUSSED. An adjudicatory hearing will, if necessary, be scheduled following the issues conference. All petitions requesting either full party status or amicus status must be received at the DEC Office of Hearings and Mediation Services by March 15, 2004.

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