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6NYCRR Part 41 - Notice of Proposed Rule Making

Pursuant to the Environmental Conservation Law, Sections 13-0307 and 13-0319, the Department of Environmental Conservation hereby gives notice of the following:

Notice of proposed rule making for 6NYCRR Part 41 relating to the sanitary condition of shellfish lands. The proposed rule making notice will be published in issue 9 of the State Register, dated 3/3/2004.

For further information contact:
Lisa P. Tettelbach, Bureau of Marine Resources
Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources
205 N. Belle Mead Road, Suite 1
East Setauket, New York 11733
Telephone: (631) 444-0478

Negative Declaration

New York City (Queens) County - The City Planning Commission, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Hunters Point Subdistrict Rezoning will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the New York City Department of City Planning (NYCDCP) proposing zoning map and text amendments for an area encompassing 11 whole and 32 partial blocks in Hunters Point (HP) located in Long Island City (LIC) in Community District 2, Queens. The rezoning area is generally between 44th Drive to the north, 23rd Street/Jackson Avenue/21st Street to the east, Borden Avenue/51st Avenue to the south, and 5th Street to the west.

The proposed action would affect the existing Hunters Point (HP) Subdistrict of the Special Long Island City Mixed Use District (LIC), and would expand the subdistrict to include 2 additional adjacent whole blocks and 11 partial blocks. The rezoning area lies mainly within an M1-4 District in HP, while the two whole and nine of the 11 partial blocks to be added are located in a typical M1-4 district. Other existing zoning districts include R6A/C1-5 (HP), R7A/C1-5 (HP), and R7A/C2-5 (HP), M1-6, and M3-1. With the proposed zoning map amendment, most of the expanded subdistrict would be mapped with mixed use districts. These include M1-4/R6B, M1-4/R6A, M1-4/R7A, M1-5/R7X, M1-5/R8A, and R7X/C2-5. An R6B district would also be mapped in one area. The proposed zoning text amendments generally would replace the existing HP provisions in ZR 117-00 with the provisions for mixed-use development in ZR 123-00. Zoning text amendments are also proposed for the Queens Plaza Subdistrict and the Court Square Subdistrict of the LIC District, to make these sections consistent with other sections of the Zoning Resolution.

The proposed action requires City Planning Commission (CPC) and City Council approvals through the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP).

Compared to conditions absent the proposed action could result in approximately 300 dwelling units, -10,000 sf of commercial space, 10,500 sf of ground-floor retail space, and -48,135 square feet of community facility space by 2013. Sites expected to be developed as a result of the proposed action include 8 projected development sites and 32 potential development sites.

Contact: Glen A. Price, Director of Studies Implementation, phone: (212) 720-3491.

Notice Of Acceptance Of Draft Supplemental EIS And Public Hearing

New York City (Bronx And Westchester) County - The NYC Department of Environmental Protection, as lead agency, has accepted a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Croton Water Treatment Plant. A public hearing on the Draft Supplemental EIS will be held on Wednesday February 25th, 2004 from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Town of Mount Pleasant Town Hall, One Town Hall Plaza (Court Room), Valhalla, New York and in the Bronx. The comment period will remain open until March 19th, 2004 and a Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement will be issued by June 30th, 2004. Written comments may be submitted to the contact person below until the close of the comment period. This SEIS is being undertaken to update project changes from an environmental review conducted in 1999, which resulted in the selection of the Mosholu Golf Course in Van Cortlandt Park for the site of the proposed Croton Water Treatment Plant and the April 2003 DEIS proposing the Eastview and Harlem River Sites as potential locations for the Croton Water Treatment Plant. This new action will evaluate the potential environmental impacts of the construction and operation of the proposed Croton Water Treatment Plant at three possible locations: the Eastview Site located in the Town of Mount. Pleasant, Westchester County, New York; the Mosholu Site located in the Borough of the Bronx, New York; and the Harlem River Site located in the Borough of the Bronx, New York.

The proposed Croton WTP, if constructed at the Eastview Site, would be accompanied by the construction of a Raw Water Pumping Station (RWPS) to convey untreated water from the New Croton Aqueduct (NCA) to the site. Treated water connections would also be made to the Delaware Water Supply System and either the NCA or the Kensico-City Tunnel for long term treated water conveyance. Treated water connections to the city distribution system at the Jerome Park Reservoir would also be required.

The proposed Croton WTP, if constructed at the Mosholu Site, would be accompanied by the construction of a Raw Water Pumping Station (RWPS) and a Treated Water Pumping Station (TWPS); the construction of treated water conveyance tunnels; the construction of new distribution system connections at Jerome Park Reservoir.

The proposed Croton WTP, if constructed at the Harlem River Site, would be accompanied by the construction of a raw water connection to the WTP and the construction of a Treated Water Pumping Station (TWPS) to convey water from the WTP to the NCA and/or other facilities at the Jerome Park Reservoir where connections to the existing distribution system and possible reconstruction of the Jerome Pumping Station would also be involved. The project is located in Mount Pleasant, New York adjacent to Route 100C and Bee Line Boulevard, in the Bronx, New York adjacent to the Harlem River north of the University Heights Bridge, or in the Bronx, New York under the Mosholu Golf Course within Van Cortlandt Park.

Contact: Mark Page, 59-17 Junction Boulevard, 11th floor, Flushing, NY 11373, phone: (718) 595-4395, fax: (718) 595-4479.