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Columbia County - The Town Board of the Town of Ancram has determined that the proposed Adoption of Local Law No.1 of 2003 will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves a Local Law which will amend the Town's existing Zoning Ordinance to provide for an eighth zoning district called the "Scenic Corridor Overlay Zone ("SCOZ"). The District boundaries are depicted in an amendment to the Town's Zoning Map and overlay a portion of the Town's R-District in the Route 22 Corridor. The Law would also amend the Zoning Ordinance by adding Supplemental Regulations which prohibit the following uses which are currently permitted, pursuant to the issuance of a Special Use Permit, in the underlying "R" zoning district:

Excavations from construction projects or in aid of agricultural activities which do not require DEC permits shall not be deemed to be prohibited uses and the Law specifically exempts from its coverage farming operations and uses necessary to the operation of a farm in order to protect and promote the local agricultural industry in accordance with the New York State Right to Farm Laws.

The Local Law also amends the Town's Zoning Ordinance by providing development standards applicable to major subdivisions and business uses and requires all applications for development projects within the SCOZ to be subject to site plan review and approval by the Town Planning Board as the term "development project" is defined in the Local Law. The project is located in the Town of Ancram, Columbia County.

Contact: Caroline Garbarini, Town Hall, P. O. Box 158, Ancram, New York 12502, phone: (518) 329-6512.