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DEC Region 4 Quarterly Reports of Administrative Use of Motor Vehicles and Aircraft in the Forest Preserve:

In compliance with DEC Commissioner Policy -17, the activity logs documenting the administrative use of motor vehicles and aircraft within the Forest Preserve in DEC Region 4 (Greene and Delaware Counties) for the time period, April, 2003 through June, 2003, are available for review, by contacting Frank Parks at the DEC Stamford office, 65561 State Highway 10, Suite 1, Stamford, NY 12167-9503, (607)652-7365.

Negative Declaration

Albany County - The Town Board of the Town of Westerlo, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Westerlo Water District No. 1 will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves construction of a municipal water system to service a portion of the Town of Westerlo. The proposed project will consist of the installation of approximately 10,500 linear feet of water mains, a finished water storage tank of approximately 280,000 gallons in size, a treatment facility and the development of two groundwater wells as source. Water mains are to be constructed along the edges of existing roadways. Proposed district will serve 95 customers and the average domestic consumption is projected to be approximately 30,000 gallons per day. Fire protection will be provided to the service area by this proposed project. The project is located Town of Westerlo, Albany County, NY.

Contact: Tichard Rapp, Town of Waterford Town Board, PO Box 148, Westerlo, NY 12193, phone: (518) 797-3111.