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Public Notice of Closure Plan

ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. has submitted a closure plan pursuant to 6NYCRR 373-3.7 for two of the Resource Conservation Recovery Act (RCRA) hazardous units located at the ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc. facility in York, Livingston Co., New York. The units are two thermal treatment burn pads where waste organic peroxide materials were placed and burned under the supervision of plant personnel up until October of 2000.

All hazardous wastes have been removed from these units. The closure plan includes procedures for inspection of the units, the removal of residue materials and soils, and confirmatory sampling and analysis of the exposed sub-soils for the substances of concern. The decontamination residues and soils will be disposed of at authorized off-site facilities.

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Status: Closure of the hazardous waste treatment units areas will not result in significant impact to the environment. The closure activities will mainly involve the removal of soils from under the units and will involve excavation equipment.

Public Comment: State regulation requires that the public be given an opportunity to provide written comments on the draft closure plan. All comments will be considered and evaluated in making the final determination for approving the closure plan. Prior to the approval of the closure plan, the Department will respond to any comments submitted by the public. The Department will approve, modify or disapprove the draft closure plan based on the information received during the comment period. A notice of the final decision will be sent to each interested citizen or organization who submitted written comments or have requested such notice.

The public comment period extends through April 30, 2003. The closure plan is available for public review at New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 8, Division of Environmental Permits, 6274 East Avon-Lima Road, Avon, NY 14414. For more information contact Lisa Porter, Environmental Analyst, at the above Region 8 address, phone 585-226-5402 or e-mail: lmporter@gw.dec.state.ny.us or Mr. Kent Johnson, Engineering Geologist, at 625 Broadway, Albany NY 12233-7251, phone: 518-402-8594 or e-mail: kdjohnso@gw.dec.state.ny.us. In addition, the closure plan is available through Mr. Joseph Marcin at ATOFINA Chemicals, Inc., PO Box 188, Geneseo, NY 14454, phone: 585-243-6364, or e-mail: joemarcin@atofina.com.

Comments on the closure plan must be sent with a postmark no later than April 30, 2003 to Lisa Porter at the above Region 8 address.

Negative Declaration

Monroe County - The Town of Perinton Town Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Extension #41 to Perinton Consolidated Sewer District #8 SRF Project # C8-6497-17-00, Kreag Road Sanitary Sewer (Phase II) will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The Town of Perinton is intending to extend Perinton Consolidation Sewer District # 8, and install 4,700 linear feet (LF) of 8-inch sanitary sewer to service approximately 74 properties along Kreag Road and 600 LF of 8-inch sanitary sewer along Ayrault Road in the Town of Perinton, New York. The collector and laterals are to be constructed concurrently with a full reconstruction of Kreag Road by Monroe County. As such, the roadway will already be disturbed, traffic detoured, and disturbed areas restored with / for the road project. The sewer portion of the larger project is envisioned to have insignificant additional impact. The new sanitary sewer collection system will replace on-site treatment systems that are aging and have a noted history of failure in three separate areas, each to be connected to a different section of existing sewer. All flows will be directed to the Monroe County Pure Waters sanitary sewer system for tratment at the Van Lare Treatment Plant. The proposed project is not adjacent to or contiguous with state or federal jurisdictional wetlands; critical environmental areas/habitats; or currently designated State or Federal historic structures or sites. The southwestern portion of the project is within the locally designated Bushnells Basin Historic District. Fifteen properties abut NYS Canal Lands, but the construction will take place in the road right-of-way on the opposite side of the property. The impact on land will be limited to the right-of-way of Kreag Road and all disturbed areas will be restored to pre-construction condition and contours. There will be no evidence of this project, except for manholes, when construction is complete. The project is located on Kreag Road, Full Length, Town of Perinton.

Contact: James Smith, Supervisor, 1350 Turk Hill Road, Fairport, NY 14450, phone: (585) 223-0770, fax: (585) 223-3629.

Ontario County - The Canandaigua City Planning Commission, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed FF Thompson Hospital Expansion will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the construction of 66,915 sq. ft. expansion of existing hospital building, creation of 125 new parking spaces and reconfiguring the on-site stormwater detention facility. The project is located at 350 Parrish Street, Canandaigua.

Contact: Richard E. Brown, AICP, City of Canandaigua, Director of Development and Planning, 2 North Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424, phone: (585) 396-5000 ext. 5025.