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Consolidated SPDES Renewals

Public Notice

Natural Gas Policy Act Notices

On July 14, 2000, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a final Rule (Order 616) in Docket No. RM00-6-000 reinstating wellhead determination procedures under the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978. Order No. 616 reinstates the procedures for Section 107 wellhead gas that qualifies for a tax credit under Section 29 of the Internal Revenue Code.

In accordance with an agreement between the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: under the authority of 3-0301(1)(w), 3-0301(2)(d) and 3-0301(2)(j) of the New York State Environmental Law and Sections 503(c) and described in 503(a) of the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 (P.L. 95-621); notice is hereby given that the following operators have filed a complete application seeking a determination for tight formation gas under NGPA Section 107 to be eligible for a tax credit under Section 29 of the Internal Revenue Code for the gas produced from the indicated well. Any person may review the application at the office of the Division of Mineral Resources located at 625 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Albany, NY, telephone number (518) 402-8056. Comments on any application must be submitted in writing to the Division at the above address on or before the indicated date, stating the precise grounds of support for, opposition to, or other interest in the application.

Region NGPA Request No. Operator API No. County Town Last Filing Date
8 NY616-241 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-20700 Seneca Varick 3/26/03
8 NY616-242 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21297 Seneca Fayette 3/26/03
8 NY616-243 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21249 Seneca Varick 3/26/03
7 NY616-244 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20603 Cayuga Springport 3/26/03
7 NY616-245 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20695 Cayuga Springport 3/26/03
7 NY616-246 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20666 Cayuga Springport 3/26/03
7 NY616-247 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20672 Cayuga Aurelius 3/26/03
7 NY616-248 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20675 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-249 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21306 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-250 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21283 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-251 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21255 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-252 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20674 Cayuga Aurelius 3/26/03
7 NY616-253 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20671 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-254 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20654 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-255 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20652 Cayuga Aurelius & Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-256 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20677 Cayuga Aurelius 3/26/03
7 NY616-257 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20651 Cayuga Aurelius 3/26/03
7 NY616-258 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20625 Cayuga Aurelius 3/26/03
7 NY616-259 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20638 Cayuga Aurelius 3/26/03
7 NY616-260 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21289 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-261 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21276 Cayuga Springport 3/26/03
7 NY616-262 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21275 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-263 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21266 Cayuga Aurelius 3/26/03
7 NY616-264 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21320 Cayuga Fleming 3/26/03
7 NY616-265 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21240 Cayuga Springport 3/26/03
7 NY616-266 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-20514 Cayuga Springport 3/26/03
7 NY616-267 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21236 Cayuga Varick 3/26/03

Negative Declaration

Monroe County - The Town of Ogden, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Adoption of the Town of Ogden 2003 Comprehensive Plan will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the Town of Ogden's 2003 Comprehensive Plan which provides vision, policies, objectives and actions to guide future policy decisions and investment in the Town. The project is located in the Town of Ogden.

Contact: Gay Lenhard, Supervisor Town of Ogden, 269 Ogden Center Road, Spencerport, NY 14459, phone: (585) 352-2100, fax: (585) 352-4590, e-mail: info@ogdenny.com

Yates County - The Village of Penn Yan, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed construction of new Village Hall and Police Station and other building renovations will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the purchase of property at 111 Elm Street and the demolition and construction of a new Village Hall and Police Station. It also involves the renovation of the existing Fire Station at 123 Elm Street to include a new roof, and addition of an elevator and office space, renovation of the existing Police Station at 1 Basin Street to house Village Court facility, the demolition of existing Village Hall at 3 Maiden Lane to create additional parking space and the sale of Village-owned property at 127 Main Street. The project is located in the Village of Penn Yan.

Contact: Douglas Marchionda, Jr., 3 Maiden Lane, Penn Yan, NY 14527, phone: (315) 536-3015, fax: (315) 536-4685.

Positive Declaration

Orleans County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Hanson Aggregates New York, Inc., Clarendon Quarry may have a significant adverse environmental impact and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared. A draft scoping outline for the dSEIS is available for public review and a thirty day public comment period ending on April 11, 2003. Copies of the scoping document are available at the Clarendon Town Hall. The Department has received a renewal and modification application from Hanson Aggregates New York, Inc. for their existing quarry located west of Upper Holley Road in the Town of Clarendon. The modification proposes: (1) changes to the Mine Land Use Plan (MLUP) regarding surface water drainage in the vicinity of the quarry; (2) changes to the location of the quarry sump; (3) addition of diesel-powered backup emergency electrical generating equipment; (4) improvements to the quarry access road; and (5) changes to the dewatering discharge locations. The quarry is located west of Upper Holley Road approximately 2,500 ft. south of the Upper Holley Road-State Route 31A intersection. The project is located within the Town of Clarendon.

Contact: David L. Bimber, NYS DEC, 6274 East Avon-Lima Road, Avon, NY 14414-9519, phone: (585) 226-5401, fax: (585) 226-2830, e-mail: dlbimber@gw.dec.state.ny.us

Notice Of Acceptance of Final EIS

Ontario County - The Ontario County Board of Supervisors, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Ontario County Phase III Sanitary Landfill Expansion. The action involves the acquisition of 8.02 acres (per deis) of land; the expansion of the landfill within the existing landfill footprint and the land acquisition area for a area not to exceed additional five million cu. yds. The project is located on NYS Routes 5 and 20, Town of Flint.

Contact: Geoff Astles, County Administrator, Ontario County Court House, 72 Main Street, Canandaigua, NY 14424, phone: (585) 396-4400, fax: (585) 396-4406.