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Public Notice

Natural Gas Policy Act Notices

On July 14, 2000, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued a final Rule (Order 616) in Docket No. RM00-6-000 reinstating wellhead determination procedures under the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978. Order No. 616 reinstates the procedures for Section 107 wellhead gas that qualifies for a tax credit under Section 29 of the Internal Revenue Code.

In accordance with an agreement between the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: under the authority of 3-0301(1)(w), 3-0301(2)(d) and 3-0301(2)(j) of the New York State Environmental Law and Sections 503(c) and described in 503(a) of the Natural Gas Policy Act of 1978 (P.L. 95-621); notice is hereby given that the following operators have filed a complete application seeking a determination for tight formation gas under NGPA Section 107 to be eligible for a tax credit under Section 29 of the Internal Revenue Code for the gas produced from the indicated well. Any person may review the application at the office of the Division of Mineral Resources located at 625 Broadway, 3rd Floor, Albany, NY, telephone number (518) 402-8056. Comments on any application must be submitted in writing to the Division at the above address on or before the indicated date, stating the precise grounds of support for, opposition to, or other interest in the application.

Region NGPA Request No. Operator API No. County Town Last Filing Date
7 NY616-219 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21326 Cayuga Fleming 1/1/03
7 NY616-220 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21302 Cayuga Aurelius 1/1/03
7 NY616-221 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21303 Cayuga Aurelius 1/1/03
7 NY616-222 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21304 Cayuga Aurelius 1/1/03
8 NY616-223 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-19504 Seneca Varick 1/1/03
8 NY616-224 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21324 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-225 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21323 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-226 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21298 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-227 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21286 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-228 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21293 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-229 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21250 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-230 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-20694 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-231 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-20628 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
Region NGPA Request No. Operator API No. County Town Last Filing Date
8 NY616-232 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21548 Seneca Varick 1/1/03
8 NY616-233 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-20707 Seneca Varick 1/1/03
8 NY616-234 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21241 Seneca Varick 1/1/03
8 NY616-235 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-21319 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-236 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-20102 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
8 NY616-237 Columbia Natural Resources 31-099-20523 Seneca Fayette 1/1/03
7 NY616-238 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21325 Cayuga Springport 1/1/03
7 NY616-239 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21288 Cayuga Fleming 1/1/03
7 NY616-240 Columbia Natural Resources 31-011-21253 Cayuga Springport 1/1/03

Negative Declaration

Onondaga County - Onondaga County, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Harbor Brook Floatables Control Facility will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves installation of a net bag structure housing 3 net bags to be placed in the brook to capture solids and floatables from the entire cross section of the stream. The equipment will float in high flow periods and will provide for passage of aquatic life via at least a 6-inch clear space beneath the net bag assembly at all times. When sufficiently full, the net bags will be removed, disposed of and new bags installed. No excavation of the channel is required. The project is located in Harbor Brook about 2500 ft. north of Hiawatha Boulevard West between Erie Boulevard and I-690 in Syracuse.

Contact: Susan A. Miller, Deputy Director, Onondaga County Lake Department of Water Environment Protection, Lake Improvement Project Office, 650 Hiawatha Boulevard West, Syracuse, NY 13204, phone: (315) 435-2260, fax: (315) 435-5023.

Notice of Acceptance of Final EIS

Tompkins County - The City of Ithaca Planning and Development Board, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Cornell University West Campus Residential Initiative. The project consists of demolition of six existing Class Halls, demolition of Noyes Community Center, construction of five, new Living-Learning Houses, to house 350 to 400 students each (for a total of approximately 1800 students). Houses to include dining facilities, program space, a library, and music/performance spaces. The project also includes a new recreation building, relocation of existing parking facilities, and the creation of new parking facilities west of Stewart Avenue. The project is located on the Cornell University Campus in that part of the City lying west of West Avenue, east of Stewart Avenue, north of Campus Road, and south of University Avenue.

Contact: JoAnn Cornish, Deputy Director of Planning and Development, City of Ithaca, Department of Planning and Development, 108 East Green Street, Ithaca, NY 14850, phone: (607) 274-6550; fax: (607) 274-6558.