Completed Applications Consolidated SPDES Renewals
Notice of Acceptance Of Final Supplemental EIS

Greene County - The Village Board of the Village of Hunter, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Village of Hunter New Sewage Treatment Infrastructure Program (the "Project"). The Project involves the construction of approximately 11 miles of sewer collection lines and associated appurtenant structures within the Village of Hunter which will convey water to a wastewater treatment plant designed to treat 326,000 gallons of domestic wastewater per day. In addition to wastewater collected from the new sewer lines, a number of existing wastewater collection systems will be consolidated into the Village wastewater collection and treatment system. The treatment train of the wastewater works consists of an influent pump station, primary clarification, extended aeration activated sludge process, secondary clarification, tertiary filtration with phosphorus removal through continuously backwashed upflow DualSand filters, chlorination for disinfection, dechlorination, and a surface to the Schoharie Creek. The wastewater treatment system also includes a residuals management system consisting of sludge digestion and a belt press for sludge dewatering. Dried sludge will be disposed of at an approved off-site facility. The wastewater collection system to be constructed is located wholly within the Village of Hunter, Town of Hunter, Greene County, New York. The project includes consolidation of several existing wastewater collection systems that are located both within the Village and the Town of Hunter. The wastewater treatment plant is to be constructed on Village-owned property located within the Village of Hunter, Town of Jewett, Greene County, New York.

Contact: Jamie Sorber, Village of Hunter, P.O. Box 441, Hunter, NY 12442, phone: (518) 263-4020.