Completed Applications Consolidated SPDES Renewals
Conditioned Negative Declaration

St. Lawrence County - The Village of Canton, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed re-zoning of Parcels #88.036-3-7 and #88.036-3-8 will not have a significant adverse environmental impact provided specific conditions are met. There will be a 30-day public comment period commencing with the date of this notice. A public hearing will be held on December 16, 2002 at 7:00 pm at the Board Room, Municipal Building, 60 Main Street, Canton, New York. The action under consideration consists of the re-zoning of property located in the Village of Canton. Both parcels are presently zoned R-1 (Residential District). It is proposed that both parcels be re-zoned as C-2 (General Commercial District). The project is located at 1 Stiles Avenue and 3 Stiles Avenue, Village of Canton.

The conditions include:

  1. Site plan review must provide specific requirements dealing with the following:
    1. Pedestrian access must be clearly identified, marked, and made available so that customers can easily and safely move from the sidewalk to the store.
    2. An unloading area must be specified in an acceptable location through the use of striping.
    3. The trash enclosure must be moved to an identified acceptable location on-site, consistent with the required 25 foot setback.
    4. The 50' rear set back buffer area between the rear of the store and the lot line of the adjacent residential parcel shall be landscaped appropriately, either through planting or seeding of grass, and maintained as needed.
    5. A row of trees (blue spruce or a similar type) must be planted from the existing driveway on Stiles Avenue to the northern end of the subject property on Stiles Avenue.
    6. All mature vegetation shall be retained on-site (except within the proposed building footprint and parking area).
    7. A bicycle rack must be provided on-site.
    8. Outdoor picnic tables for customers shall be provided.
    9. Flower planters shall be provided in front of the store and around the free-standing sign to be installed.
    10. Both a fence and trees or shrubs must be planted around the back side and the west side of the C-2 property, where neighbors in a R-1 zone have adjoining property.
    11. Lighting to be installed at the site shall be such that no more light shall emanate from signage and lights installed as part of the new construction than presently exists in connection with the existing use on the C-2 parcel adjoining the subject properties. This requirement will be a condition for the grant of a certificate of occupancy for the new building. The sponsor must agree to provide data verifying current lighting and lighting installed as part of the new construction, as requested by the Code Enforcement Officer.
    12. Recessed lights with shielded coverings shall be required on all lights installed on light poles and fuel island canopy.
    13. A snow removal and storage area shall be provided at an identified, acceptable location on-site.
    14. The manager of the store shall provide a phone number for a contact person for any neighborhood complaint.
    15. There shall be no parking or a striped parking designation in the 20' right of way.
    16. The sponsor shall adhere to the style of architecture approved by the Village of Canton Commercial Revitalization District Advisory Board (CRDAB). The stamped "CA-2" rendering, filed with the Village Planning Board and the Village of Canton Code Enforcement Officer, shall be used.
    17. A wooden fence, or some other form of solid fencing, must be approved for construction around the mechanical equipment area. Vegetation should not be removed so a fence can be built.
    18. Such other requirements as the Village of Canton Planning Board may require.
  2. The project sponsor and the person or entity that will own and operate the subject parcels under C2 designation at the corner of Stiles Avenue and East Main Street must agree to comply with the foregoing requirements, and such other requirements as the Village of Canton Planning Board may identify.
  3. Any deed restriction prohibiting non-residential use on the subject properties must be removed.

Contact: Village Clerk, Sally Noble, Municipal Building, 60 Main Street, Canton, NY 13617, phone: (315) 386-2851 Ext. 1, fax: (315) 386-1361, e-mail: cantonvil-snoble@northnet.org