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Availability of Voluntary Cleanup Project Work Plan for Comment
755 Jefferson Road Facility (Celltech); VCP Site No: V00126-8

Project Location: Region 8, Monroe County, Town of Henrietta, 755 Jefferson Road, Henrietta, NY 14623

Brief Project Description: The 755 Jefferson Road Facility is situated on a 24-acre property located in a highly developed area of the Town of Henrietta. The site is bordered by mixed industrial and commercial land use, with some residential housing within a one-mile radius. The site has been continuously owned and operated by several pharmaceutical companies since 1958, including the current owner, Celltech Manufacturing, Inc. In 1998, Medeva Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Inc. (predecessor to Celltech) entered the DECís Voluntary Cleanup Program to perform an environmental investigation and cleanup at the facility. Investigations completed under the Voluntary Cleanup Program confirmed the presence of methylene chloride contamination in subsurface soils and groundwater in the vicinity of a former tank that stored this compound. In addition, subsurface soils in a separate area of the site were found to be contaminated with semivolatile organic compounds (SVOCs) and various metal compounds. Celltech is proposing to treat the methylene chloride contaminated soil and groundwater by installing a multi-phase extraction system. The system would operate by extracting and treating contaminated groundwater and soil vapors. Remediation effectiveness would be evaluated through the collection of soil and groundwater samples. If necessary, thermal or chemical process enhancements may be implemented to achieve applicable State standards and guidance values. Soils containing elevated SVOC and metal contamination are proposed to be excavated and disposed off-site at a permitted waste facility. Confirmatory sampling would be performed to ensure that all soils containing elevated contaminants have been removed. The contemplated use of the site after the remedy is complete is for continued pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The State welcomes public input into this proposed plan. Celltech has prepared a Consolidated Remediation Work Plan and Remedial Design Investigation addenda that explain the proposed plan in more detail. Documents related to this investigation and cleanup are available for you to review at:

NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, Region 8 Office, 6274 E. Avon-Lima Rd., Avon, NY 14414-9519, Hours: Monday- Friday 8:30 am - 4:45 pm (by appointment only), Contact: Lisa LoMaestro Silvestri, Citizen Participation Specialist (585) 226-5326

The Investigation Report and Remediation Work Plan documents are also available at:

Henrietta Public Library, 455 Calkins Road, Henrietta, NY 14467, Contact: Sarah Mathias, Reference Librarian (585) 359-7092, Hours: Mon - Thu: 10 am - 9 pm; Fri:12 pm - 5 pm; Sat: 10 am -5 pm; Sun: 1 pm - 5 pm

DEC will accept comments on the cleanup plan in writing until December 6, 2002. Please send written comments to Greg MacLean, the DEC Project Manager, at the address listed below.

Contact: Gregory B. MacLean, P.E., NYSDEC Region 8, 6274 East Avon-Lima Road, Avon, NY 14414, phone: (585) 226-5356, fax: (585) 226-8696, email: gbmaclea@gw.dec.state.ny.us

Negative Declaration

Madison County - The Town of Stockbridge Town Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Adoption of Local Law No. 1-2002 will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the adoption of Local Law #1-2002 comprising amendments to the Town of Stockbridge Land Use Law's Section 203 (Land Use Schedule), 301 (Residential District, RD), 302 (Agricultural-Residential-Commercial District), and Section 605 (Variances, Appeals and Special Use Permit Procedures) that would categorize Wind Power Electricity Generation and Transmission Facilities as a specific regulatory special use within the Town and provide specific standards and site plan submission requirements under which wind power facility proposals may be reviewed and evaluated. The project is located in the Town of Stockbridge.

Contact: Alexander Stepanski, Town Supervisor, Town of Stockbridge, 5311 N. Main Street, Munnsville, NY 13409.