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Public Notice

Project Title: Availability of Voluntary Cleanup Project Work Plan for Comment Former Steel Manufacturing Site, VCP No. V00133-9

Project Location: Region 9, Erie County, City of Buffalo, South Park Ave & Abby Street

Brief Project Description:

The site is the location of a 213 acre former Steel & Coking making facilities. It is located in an industrial area on the south side of the City of Buffalo bounded by a residential area to the east, the Buffalo River to the northwest, a railroad yard to the west and industrial property to the north and south. The site has significant amount of fill from former operation ( 2'-20' depth) from past activities consisting of waste slag and coke in addition to large quantities of characteristic hazardous waste and petroleum from past disposal practices on site. All former above ground facilities have been demolished. The 213 acre site has been subdivided into four (4) subsections based on the historical operations that occurred there. These areas are know as: Area I - Republic Steel Area, Area II - Donner-Hanna Coke Plant, Area III- Republic Steel Warehouse and Area IV - Coke Storage Yard. Area IV portion of site is listed as class 3 on the New York State Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Sites.

Based on the results of the investigations conducted on the site the proposed remedy is:

Area I - Republic Steel Area contains numerous areas of subsurface petroleum contamination. The remedy calls for the source removal of petroleum contaminated soil/fill with biotreatment in Area III and/or containment in Area II cell (approx.18,000 cy), removal of underground piping (approx.1000 feet), removal of underground storage tank (UST), excavation of inorganic contaminated soil and placement in Area II cell or off-site disposal (approx.1000 cy), residual contamination left in place will be treated with a hydrogen release compound/oxygen release compound (HRC/ORC) and monitored, and River bank erosion control (approx.1100 feet).

Area II - Donner-Hanna Coke Plant contains Significant amounts of volatile organic compounds/semi-volatile organic compounds (VOC/SVOC) contamination consisting of tars & light oils. Remedy calls for constructions of a Containment Cell, ground water collection and treatment with discharge to City sewer system. Soil/fill consolidation and containment in covered cell.

Area III-IV - Material Storage Yard also contains significant VOC/SVOC contamination from coal tars. The remedy requires source removal of tar/cyanide wastes, pre-treatment of "blue-stained" ferrous-cyanide contaminated soils (approx. 40,000-75,000 cu yds) with containment in Area II cell, excavation of remaining 20,000 cu yds of tar/soils and disposal off-site.

Area IV - Coke Storage Area contains VOC/SVOCs/Metals. The remedy requires source removal of the coke for recycling and/or reuse (approx. 250,000 cy), and groundwater treatment during removal work. A long term groundwater monitoring plan and a Soil/Fill Management Plan will also be implemented for the site for future development. It is proposed that the site be used for development as Commercial/Industrial. The site has also been included in the City of Buffalo’s South Buffalo Development Plan.

Additional details of the proposed remedial activities can be found in the report entitled "Work Plan for Voluntary Clean-up Program Remedial Design/Remedial Action, Former Steel Manufacturing Site, Buffalo, New York", dated September 2002.

The work plan has been submitted in contemplation of an Agreement to remediate the property to support the future commercial/industrial use of the current property.

Comment Period: The work plan and voluntary agreement is available for public review at the location noted below. Written comments will be accepted for 60 days following the date of this notice.

A Public Meeting will be held on November 13, 2002 at 7 pm at the Valley Community Center, 93 Leddy Street, Buffalo, New York, to present the details of the project and answer the public’s questions.

Documents are available for review at the NYSDEC Region 9 Office noted below and the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library, J.P. Dudley Branch, 2010 S. Park Ave. Buffalo (716)823-1854. Persons who want to be routinely informed of the progress of the project should contact the NYSDEC Buffalo Office to be placed on the Fact Sheet mailing list.

Contact: Gregory P. Sutton, P.E., NYSDEC, Region 9, 270 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14203. (716) 851-7220; Fax (716) 851-7226.

Public Hearing

Wyoming County - The Village of Perry, as lead agency, has postponed a public hearing regarding a proposed local law to amend the Zoning Law and Zoning Map of the Village of Perry which was to be held on September 23, 2002. The public hearing will now be held on October 10, 2002 at 8:00 p.m. at a regular board meeting in the Village Hall, in the Village of Perry.

Contact: Dennis Vergason, 46 North Main Street, Perry, New York 14530, phone: (585) 237-2216.

Draft Request for Proposals

Niagara County - Please take notice that a draft request for proposals for refuse and recycling contracts have been filed with the Wheatfield Town Clerk and that individuals wishing to comment on the draft request for proposal shall make their comments in writing on or before November 30, 2002. The draft request for proposal will also be available in the North Tonawanda City Library and the Sanborn Public Library.