Completed Applications Consolidated SPDES Renewals


Applicant: Wawayanda Energy Center, L.L.C.
The Pilot House, 2nd Floor, Lewis Wharf
Boston, MA 02110

Application Number: DEC # 3-3356-00109/0001;
PSC Case # 00-F-1256

Facility: Wawayanda Energy Center, LLC
Dolsontown Rd.
Wawayanda, NY 10907

Prior Public Notices: On October 24, 2001 the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) published a Notice of Complete Application and Notice of Public Comment Period. Notices in Environmental Notice Bulletin and local newspapers. The notices stated that DEC had made a tentative determination that the construction and operation of the Wawayanda Energy Center, a 540 MW natural gas-fired, combined cycle electric generating plant, was subject to and satisfied the federal requirements for the Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) contained in 40 CFR 52. The public comment period was held open through December 5, 2001.

Comments received on the draft PSD permit were from the applicant only. A responsiveness summary of PSD issues has been generated by DEC staff and is being made available with this notice.

Final Determination: DEC has determined that the project will be controlling the emissions of PSD affected air pollutants with the Best Available Control Technology (BACT): DEC has also verified that the emissions of these PSD affected air pollutants will not cause or significantly contribute to the exceedance of National Primary or Secondary Ambient Air Quality Standards, and will not consume more than the allowable PSD air quality increment where one exists. Accordingly, a final PSD permit is being issued by DEC in accordance with 40 CFR Part 124 requirements. Pursuant to 40 CFR 124.15 the permit will become effective 33 days from the issuance of the Department’s final determination, barring any appeals.

Appeal Procedure: Pursuant to the Consolidated Permit Regulations found at 40 §§ CFR 124.19 any persons or parties who filed comments on the draft PSD permit or participated in the public hearing may petition the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Environmental Appeals Board to review any condition of the permit decision.

Any person who failed to file comments or failed to participate in the public hearing on the draft permit may petition for administrative review only to the extent of the changes from the draft to the final permit determination. Any such petition for review must be made within 30 days of the service of notice of the final decision and shall include a statement of the reasons supporting that review and shall adhere to the standards outlined in 40 CFR §§ 124.19(a)(1) and (2). All pleadings filed by mail must be addressed to:

Environmental Appeals Board, MC 1103B
U.S. EPA, 401 M Street, S.W.
Washington, D.C. 20460. (202) 501-7060. FAX: (202) 501-7580.

Upon completion of any administrative review process by the Environmental Appeals Board, the final decision will become the final agency action and will be published in the Federal Register. In addition, those who appeal for administrative review may further petition for judicial review within 60 days of the final EPA decision.

For a copy of the final permit decision or additional information on the appeals procedure contact: Christopher M. Hogan, Division of Environmental Permit, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233-1750, (518) 402-9151.

Public Notice

Region 3 - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has determined that the Registry of Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites in New York State needs to be amended to delete site number 314063, known as the Hudson River Psych. Center Site. This site is located in the City of Poughkeepsie, in the County of Dutchess, and is located at North Road.

The reason for deletion is: The source of the polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) contamination found within the Cheney Building has been removed. The impact to the stream and surrounding wetland area has been remediated and the wetland area restored. The hazardous waste and significant threat has been removed. The site should be removed from the Registry as a remediated site.

Written comments on this proposed deletion are welcome and should be sent to:

Project Manager: Mr. Daniel J. Eaton
NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
Division of Environmental Remediation
BHSC - 11th Floor
625 Broadway
Albany, NY 12233-7014

All written comments must be received by August 31, 2002. A summary of all written comments will be assembled and a summary will be available for viewing at our Region 3 Headquarters in New Paltz, NY.

Meeting Notice

Meeting: of the Watershed Protection and Partnership Council and Exective Committee.

Time: Executive Committee at 1:00 PM
Full Council at 3:00 PM

Location: New York Power Authority
123 Main Street
White Plains, New York

The meeting will be in the First Floor 'Jaguar Room' of the Clarence D. Rappleyea building.

Positive Declaration

Orange County - The Planning Board of the Village of Monroe, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Smith Farm -231 residential units may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared. The action involves a request for special exception use permits, site plan approval and subdivision approval for a residential project totaling 231 dwelling units, along with community facilities on a 79.2 acre tract of land located in both the Village and Town of Monore. Notwithstanding the location of the municipal boundary line through the site, the project is proposed to be developed as a single coordinated project. The plans propose a mix of duplex units, patio homes and detached single-family units. The project site is currently vacant land, primarily wooded and containing areas of steep slopes overlooking the Village, NYS Route 17M and Orange and Rockland Lakes.

Contact: Marilyn Karlich, Village of Monroe Planning Board, Vilalge Hall, 7 Stage Road, Monore, New York 10950, phone: (845) 782-8341.

Notice of Acceptance of Draft Generic EIS And Public Hearing

Orange County - The Planning Board of the Town of Cornwall, as lead agency, has accepted a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Cornwall Commons Subdivision. A public hearing on the Draft Generic EIS will be held on September 3, 2002, at 7:30 p.m. at the Cornwall Town Hall, 183 Main Street, Cornwall, New York. Written comments on the Draft Generic EIS will be accepted for a period of ten days after the close of the public hearing. The action involves a request for subdivision approval for a five-lot subdivision of a 143.68-acre parcel of land fronting on Route 9W in the PIO (Planned Industrial Office) zoning district in the Town of Cornwall. The Town of Cornwall Planning Board would also have powers of site plan approval over any specific use of the subject lands. The land is currently vacant and wooded. The site is located on Route 9W in the vicinity of the Route 218 ramps, extending to Frost Lane on the south, and it is bounded by the former O&W railroad line on the west. The Moodna Creek is located west of the former O&W rail line, and runs close to the site along its west central portion. The site access is completely in the Town of Cornwall, with a loop road being shown serving both the lands in Cornwall as well as the New Windsor component. The project lands are in the Town of New Windsor, tax parcel Section 37, Block 1, Lot 45.1, total approximately 52.8 acres, or approximately one third of the overall project lands. These adjoining lands in New Windsor are zoned R-3 (Residential).

Contact: Neil Novesky, Planning Board of the Town of Cornwall, Town Hall, 183 Main Street, Cornwall, New York 12518, phone: (845)534-9429.

Notice of Acceptance of Final EIS

Rockland County - The Town Board of the Town of Stony Point, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Town of Stony Point Golf Course. The action involves the construction of an eighteen-hole municipal golf course consisting of a clubhouse, maintenance building and parking area to be located adjacent to the Palisades Interstate Parkway. The project is located within the northern portion of the former Letchworth Village Development Center. It is a town-owned parcel of land, which is bound to the west by the Palisades Interstate Parkway, to the south by Willow Grove Road (County Road 84), to the east by Knapp Road, and to the north by Pyngyp Drive.

Contact: Steven Hurley, Town of Stony Point, Stony Point, New York 10980, phone: 845-786-2716, fax: 845-786-2783.

Westchester County - The Planning Board of the Village of Briarcliff Manor, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Garlands of Briarcliff Manor Continuing Care Retirement Community. The action involves the Garlands of Briarcliff Manor site a 58 acre property located off the Scarborough Road in the central portion of the Village of Briarcliff Manor. The applicant proposes specific zoning changes which would permit the construction of a continuing care retirement community. The proposed program consists of 315 independent living units (288 apartment units and 27 villa units), 40 assisted living units and 30 skilled nursing beds. Parking for 589 vehicles is provided primarily in two structured parking facilities. The project is located on the north side of Scarborough Road in the central portion of the Village of Briarcliff Manor in the R-60 District.

Contact: - Ingrid Richards, Village Hall, 1111 Pleasantville Road, Briarcliff Manor, New York 10510, phone: (914) 941-4800.