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Notice of Availability

Project Title: Availability of Voluntary Cleanup Project Work Plan for Comment
Sovereign Specialty Chemicals Inc. Site No. V00215-9

Project Location: Region 9, Erie County, City of Buffalo - 710 Ohio Street, Buffalo, New York 14203

Brief Project Description:

Sovereign Specialty Chemicals Inc. has submitted a Remedial Action Work Plan to the Department to remediate the property locally known as the Pierce & Stevens Facility located in the City of Buffalo. The site consists of a 1.26 acres portion of the Pierce and Stevens (P&S) Facility property in and around the immediate vicinity of the existing chemical storage tank facilities.

In October, 1924, Pierce & Stevens purchased a portion of the property from the Western New York and Pennsylvania Railroad Company and began construction of the plant that is now at 710 Ohio Street. Previous Corporate owners and operators of the Pierce and Stevens facility are Pratt & Lambert and Sherwin Williams. Sovereign Specialty Chemicals, LP, currently owns the facility.

In 1996, a plant-wide Environmental Site Assessment was performed. Soil and groundwater impacts from volatile and semi-volatile organic compounds were encountered in this investigation. In 1997, a Focused Soil Investigation of the tank farm area was performed to further evaluate and characterize the contamination found at the site. The results of the study showed elevated levels of several chemicals including Toluene, Methyl Ethyl Ketone, and Xylene in site soils and ground water. In December 1999 Sovereign completed an Interim Remedial Measure at the site during the installation of the facilities new chemical storage and handling facilities.. As part of the tank farms construction all the contaminated soil below the tank farm foot print was excavated and disposed off-site at an approved disposal facility.

Since the tank farm remedial work, Sovereign has conducted additional investigations of the site soil and groundwater to evaluate the subsurface conditions of the site. As a result of this information it has been determined that additional clean-up work is needed on the site to address remaining areas of contamination that exist on the property.

This Remedial Action Plan (RAP) is being undertaken specifically for the purposes of addresses the contamination identified on the site under an Voluntary Agreement with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). As part of the agreement the following tasks will be completed:

Additional details of the proposed remedial activities can be found in the report entitled "Remedial Action Plan, Areas of Contamination "A", "B" & "C", 710 Ohio Street, City of Buffalo, Erie County, New York", dated January 2002, with revisions dated April 1, 2002 and June 3, 2002.

The work plan has been submitted in contemplation of an Agreement to remediate the property to support the existing industrial use of the current property.

Comment Period: The work plan and voluntary agreement is available for public review at the location noted below. Written comments will be accepted for 30 days following the date of this notice. Documents are available for review at the NYSDEC Region 9 Office noted below.

Contact: Gregory P. Sutton, P.E., NYSDEC, Region 9, 270 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14203, phone: (716) 851-7220; Fax (716) 851-7226.