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Public Notice

Notice to Holders of Commercial Lobster and Food Fish Licenses and Other Interested Parties

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (Department) will hold a public hearing on the Department’s pending proposal to adopt 6 NYCRR Section 40.7, Special Management Areas, pursuant to Environmental Conservation Law §13-0360. The proposed regulations designate all artificial reefs listed in 6 NYCRR Section 40.6 as Artificial Reef Special Management Areas, further designate the natural reefs around Fishers Island as the Fishers Island Special Management Area (FISMA), and establish restrictions on activities within Special Management Areas.

The public hearing will be held on June 18, 2002, at Greenport High School, 720 Front Street, Greenport, New York. The hearing will held in two sessions as follows:

Copies of the complete text of the proposed regulations are available upon request by calling (631) 444-0430 or (631) 444-0436.

Negative Declaration

New York City (Queens County) - The NYC Department of City Planning Commission, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Forest Hills/Rego Park Rezoning will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The Department of City Planning proposes to amend the zoning map to change the zoning on all or portions of 61 blocks in the Forest Hills and Rego Park sections of Community District 6, Queens. The proposed action would change the zoning designations within six subareas:

The proposed action is not expected to have a substantial effect on the amount, type, or location of new development within the foreseeable future (i.e., the next ten years). The proposed action is a contextual rezoning that is intended to ensure that future development, should it occur, would be compatible with the existing built form prevalent in the rezoning area. The proposed zoning designations would not increase permitted floor area, and are not intending to induce new development or to affect development patterns. While the proposed rezoning includes the mapping of a commercial overlay district, this would not induce new uses since the subject area is already fully developed with commercial uses.

Contact: Robert Dobruskin, City Planning Commission, 22 Reade Street, New York, New York 10007, phone: (212) 720-3423.

New York City - The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Isla Nena Apartments will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the development of a new construction, elevator residential rental six story building, for a total of 48 units. The project is located at 734 - 744 East 5th Street, between Avenues C and D, Manhattan, Community District No. 3.

Contact: Beverly Reith, City of New York, Department of Housing Preservation and Development, 100 Gold Street, New York, New York 10038.