ENB Region 9 Completed Applications 05/22/2002
Region 9 SEQR and Other Notices Region 9 SPDES Renewals

ENB Region 9 Completed Applications 05/22/2002

Wyoming County
Applicant: Roger G. Becker
2627 Centerline Rd
Varysburg, NY 14167-
Facility: Roger G Becker Property
2627 Centerline Rd
Varysburg, NY 14167-
Application ID: 9-5640-00021/00005
Permit(s) Applied for: Section 401 - Clean Water Act Water Quality Certification
Article 15 Title 5 Stream Disturbance
Project is Located: Orangeville, Wyoming County
Project Description:
The proposal is to annually remove gravel by controlled skimming operation from seven gravel bars, install and maintain cabled tree revetments, and remove debris along a 1,600 foot long segment of Tonawanda Creek, a Class "A" stream.  The seven gravel bars collectively total about 650 lineal feet of stream length and will yield an estimated 490 cubic yards of gravel which will be used as needed to back fill the tree revetments with any excess gravel to be removed from the stream for use in upland areas outside of the floodplain.  The purpose of the project is to help control streambank erosion.  The project area is located on Tonawanda Creek, North (downstream) of Centerline Road in the vicinity of Johnsonburg.
State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Determination: Project is an Unlisted Action and will not have a significant impact on the environment. A Negative Declaration is on file. A coordinated review was not performed.
SEQR Lead Agency: None Designated
State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA) Determination: Cultural resource lists and map have been checked. No registered, eligible or inventoried archaeological sites or historic structures were identified at the project location. No further review in accordance with SHPA is required.
Coastal Management: This project is not located in a Coastal Management area and is not subject to the Waterfront Revitalization and Coastal Resources Act.
Opportunity for Public Comment: Comments on this project must be submitted in writing to the Contact Person no later than Jun 10 2002.
Contact: Michael J. McMurray
NYSDEC Region 9 Headquarters
270 Michigan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14203

Region 9 SEQR and Other Notices Region 9 SPDES Renewals