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Voluntary Cleanup Agreement #V-00319-9 Notice of Availability for Comment

Project Title: Availability of Voluntary Cleanup Project, Remedial Action Work Plan Hanna Furnace (Union Ship Canal)-Subparcel 1, VCP Site No. V-00319-9

Project Location: 1/4 mile east of Route 5, mile south of Tifft Street, Buffalo, Erie County, New York

Brief Project Description: The City of Buffalo has submitted a Remedial Action Work Plan to the Department in contemplation of entering into a Voluntary Cleanup Agreement for remediating a portion of the former Hanna Furnace pig iron production site, located in the southern part of Buffalo. To allow for commercial and industrial uses of the site, the City of Buffalo proposes to cover the entire Subparcel 1 area with clean soil, asphalt and concrete as part of the site redevelopment. The proposed redevelopment is included in a recent Environmental Impact Statement, in which the site is referred to as the Union Ship Canal District.

The Hanna Furnace site is vacant industrial property currently owned by the City of Buffalo. The property surrounds the Union Ship Canal and encompasses approximately 113 acres, including an abandoned railroad yard. The 43-acre railroad yard, known as Subparcel 1, lies in the southern the portion of the Hanna Furnace site. The proposed Remedial Action Work Plan has been prepared to support the cleanup of Subparcel 1.

Several previous environmental investigations of the Hanna Furnace site had found that the contaminants of concern in the soils and fill included inorganic constituents (metals) and polyaromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). Many of the metals found were associated with the slag fill deposited on the site. The presence of PAHs in Subparcel 1 is consistent with its past use as a railroad yard. With the exception of an elevated pH, the groundwater was not significantly impacted by the industrial activity at the site. The high pH may be associated with the lime that was used as a raw material in the pig iron manufacturing process.

The proposed plan of covering the on-site fill material with clean soil, pavement or buildings as part of the site development would provide adequate protection against the potential for direct contact exposure with the contaminated soils and fill materials. The Remedial Action Work Plan includes procedures for the additional testing of soil and fill that may be excavated, graded or otherwise disturbed during the site development. The Remedial Action Work Plan also includes provisions for the perpetual maintenance and monitoring of the cover system, and annual certification. Site use limitations will also be placed on the property, restricting it to commercial and industrial usage.

The proposed Remedial Action Work Plan and the Voluntary Cleanup Agreement are available for public review at the location noted below. Written comments will be accepted for 30 days following the date of this notice. Written comments expressing objection or opposition to the work plan must explain the basis of that opposition and identify the specific grounds which could lead the Department to impose significant changes to the work plan. No formal response to comments received is anticipated but, as a result of the comments, the Department may re-evaluate and revise the work plan.

Contact : David P. Locey, NYSDEC Region 9, 270 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, New York 14203-2999, (716)851-7220, fax (716)851-7226).

Negative Declaration

Niagara County - The Town of Porter, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Creation of Lakeshore Sewer Improvement Area - Phase ll will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the creation of Lakeshore Sewer Improvement Area Phase ll consisting of construction of approximately 2,800 l.f. of 8" gravity sewer, 8,100 l.f. of 10" gravity sewer, 3000 l.f. of 12" gravity sewer, 1,500 l.f. of 3" forcemain and 1,300 l.f. of 4" forcemain. Two pump stations will also be constructed as part of Phase ll. The project is located on Lake Road, Creek Road, North Creek Road and Woodcliff Drive, Town of Porter.

Contact: Richard San Giacomo, R and D Engineering Inc., 268 Main Street, Suite 600, Buffalo, New York 14202, phone: (716) 856-2142.

Positive Declaration

Erie County - The Town of Lancaster, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed North Forest Development (Wehrle Commons) Rezone may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement must be prepared. The action involves development of a parcel involving approximately 15.17 acres in the southwest corner of Wehrle Drive and Harris Hill Road from R-1 to GB and development of ten single story office buildings totaling 169,880 square feet and 310,000 square feet of parking lots with the remainder of the sites 200,500 square feet to remain as green area. The project is situated at 2801 Wehrle Drive in the Town of Lancaster.

Contact: Richard J. Sherwood, 21 Central Avenue, Lancaster, New York 14086, phone: (716) 684-3342.