Completed Applications Consolidated SPDES Renewals
Negative Declaration

Oswego County - The Town of Hastings, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Route 11 Sewer District will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the establishment of the Route 11 Sewer District in the Town of Hastings to be comprised of approximately 2,650 lineal feet (LF) of 1 1/2-inch and 2-inch low pressure sewer, twenty-six (26) simplex residential grinder pumps, 2,100 LF of 8-inch gravity sewer and appurtenant manholes, fittings and connections. The new system will discharge to the existing Fort Brewerton Sewer District collection system following construction of the new Fort Brewerton Sewer District Wastewater Treatment Plant. The project is located on U.S. Route 11 south of the Village of Central Square in the Town of Hastings.

Contact: Mark Bombardo, 1134 U.S. Route 11, Central Square, New York 13036, phone: (315) 668-2456, fax: (315) 668-8392, e-mail: hastingscode@hotmail.com

Notice of Acceptance of Final EIS

Tioga County - The Newark Valley Central School District, as lead agency, has accepted a Final EIS on the proposed 2001 Capital Improvement Project Additions & Renovations to High, Middle and Elementary Schools. The action involves the following: High School Scope of Work: Two-story addition (includes classrooms and new auditorium) of approximately 23,925 sq. ft. to existing 106,776 sq. ft. structure. Reconstruction including parking, septic system and athletic improvements; partial exterior door improvements and masonry restoration; electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems upgrades; interior reconstruction including elevator, offices, classrooms, corridor, auditorium, cafeteria, first floor locker rooms, visitor entrance, athletic training facility and wellness center, kitchen, etc.; and associated work. Middle School Scope of Work: Reconstruction including partial exterior door replacement and masonry restoration; interior reconstruction including flooring, walls, ceilings, locker rooms, panic hardware, acoustics, offices, classrooms, toilet and faculty rooms and other interior upgrades; electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems upgrades; and associated work. Elementary School Scope of Work: One-story addition of approximately 6,000 sq. ft. to existing 64,904 sq. ft. structure. Reconstruction including minor septic work to separate roof drains, parking and masonry restoration; mechanical systems upgrades; interior reconstruction including structural repairs, flooring, walls and ceilings, elevator compliance, classrooms, toilet rooms, kitchen, faculty room, accessibility compliance, etc.; and associated work. The projects are located at the following locations: High School: 68 Wilson Creek Road, Town of Newark Valley. Middle School: 88 Whig Street, Village of Newark Valley. Elementary School: 86 Whig Street, Village of Newark Valley.

Contact: Richard Bierl, Director of Facilities, 79 Whig Street, Newark Valley, New York 13811, phone: (607) 642-3219.