Completed Applications Consolidated SPDES Renewals
Notice of Availability

DEC Region 4 Quarterly Reports of Administrative Use of Motor Vehicles and Aircraft in the Forest Preserve:

In compliance with DEC Commissioner Policy -17, the activity logs documenting the administrative use of motor vehicles and aircraft within the Forest Preserve in DEC Region 4 (Greene and Delaware Counties) for the time period, April, 2001 through June, 2001, are available for review, by contacting Frank Parks at the DEC Stamford office, 65561 State Highway 10, Suite 1, Stamford, NY 12167-9503, (607)652-7365.

Negative Declaration

Otsego County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Plantation Release - Otsego RA #11, Stands A-10, 13 and 14 will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves application of the herbicide (Glyfos) to reduce the competition from undesirable woody and herbaceous vegetation on three sites totaling 23 acres in the Town of Milford. This action will remove the target vegetation on the site for a period of time sufficient to allow the planted spruce to attain enough size to dominate and fully occupy the site. The only vegetation to be removed is non-threatened or non-endangered species. Impact on public health is minimal. Personnel will be equipped with safety equipment. Also, following label instructions for the application will minimize risk. The project is located four miles west of Milford, Town of Milford.

Contact: Paul Wenner, NYS DEC, RT 10, HC 01, Stamford, NY 12167, phone: (607) 652-7365.

Notice of Acceptance of Draft EIS and Public Hearing

Albany County - The State Education Department, as lead agency, has accepted a Draft EIS on the proposed land acquisition and construction of a new Middle School for the Albany City School District, SED Project No. 01-01-00-01-0-061-001. Comments are requested on the Draft EIS and will be accepted by the contact person until August 13, 2001. A public hearing on the Draft EIS will be held at 7:00 p.m. in the Albany High School, Northeast Cafeteria on August 2, 2001. The action involves the purchase of 3.37 acres of land and 141,285 square feet of new construction. The project is located at Westland Hills Park, in the City of Albany.

Contact: Carl Thurnau, The State Education Department, Facilities Planning, Rm 1060 EBA, Albany, NY 12234.

Delaware County - The Town of Andes, as lead agency, has accepted a Draft EIS on the proposed Camp Nubar Wastewater Treatment System Upgrade. A public hearing on the Draft EIS will be held on September 5, 2001 at 8:00 p.m. at Town Hall. This upgrade of the permitted 10,000 gpd discharge is tentatively planned to consist of treatment through the existing septic tanks, upgraded buried sand filters and subsurface disposal fields. The Camp and its treatment system operate seasonally, typically the months of July and August. Construction of the upgraded sand filters and subsurface disposal fields is tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2001, pending final project approval by the regulatory agencies. Its first usage will be during the summer 2002 season. The project is located in the Town of Andes.

Contact: Town of Andes, PO Box 125, Main Street, Andes, NY 13731.

Notice of Acceptance of Final Generic EIS

Albany County - The Guilderland Town Board, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Generic EIS on the proposed Town of Guilderland Comprehensive Plan 2000. The action involves adoption of the Town of Guilderland Comprehensive Plan 2000 by the Guilderland Town Board.

Contact: Ms. Jan Weston, Town Planner, P.O. Box 339, Guilderland, NY 12084, phone: (518) 356-1980 Fax: (518) 356-1990 E-mail: WestonJ@Guilderland.org