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ENB Region 2 Completed Applications 07/25/2001

Kings County
Applicant: Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corp
Flushing Ave & Cumberland St
Brooklyn, NY 11205-
Facility: Brooklyn Navy Yard - Piers J & K
Brooklyn Navy Yard
Brooklyn, NY 11205-
Application ID: 2-6101-01079/00001
Permit(s) Applied for: Section 401 - Clean Water Act Water Quality Certification
Article 15 Title 5 Excavation & Fill in Navigable Waters
Project is Located: Brooklyn, Kings County
Project Description:

Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) has requested a ten year 500,000 CY maintenance dredging permit for Piers J & K at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. The proposed project located in the Wallabout Basin area of the East River would involve the dredging of the area adjacent to Pier J (200,000 CY) and the area adjacent to Pier K (300,000). Pier J (Berth 15) would be dredged in two phases with phase I removing 10,000 CYS of material and Phase II an additional 25,000 CYS. The balance of the expected total of 200,000 CYS for Pier J would be dredged as needed for berth maintenance over the life of the 10 year permit. Pier K(Berth 19) would be dredged in one phase (Phase III of the project) removing 50,000 CYS of material. The balance of the expected total of 300,000 CYS for Pier K would be dredged as needed berth maintenance over the life of the 10 year permit.

BNYDC has submitted to the Department a Beneficial Use Determination petition for the 10,000 CYS of material to be dredged at Pier J during Phase 1. Of the 10,000 CYS to be removed during Phase I, 5,000 CYS would be used on-site at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for road base fill materials. The remaining 5,000 CYS would be used off-site at the Bark Camp Mines in Pennsylvania, through the permit approval of the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, pursuant to the Amended Beneficial Use Order No. 40030. The dredge material (all 10,000 CYS) would be loaded into scows and transported to Consolidated Technologies Incorporated s (CTI) dredged material processing facility in Claremont Channel, New Jersey. At the CTI facility, the dredged material would be dewatered and screened to remove debris, with the 5,000 CYS bound for Bark Camp being stabilized for transportation and loaded into rail cars for transport. The remaining 5,000 CYS would be processed into a manufactured soil and loaded onto scows for transport back to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

It is expected that any material dredged in subsequent phases or during maintenance dredging would also be used beneficially at an upland location. Special permit conditions would require BNYDC to notify the Department as to the placement location before dredging begins on Phase II, Phase III or maintenance dredging and to submit a BUD petition if the upland placement location proposed is in New York State.

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Determination: Project is an Unlisted Action and will not have a significant impact on the environment. A Negative Declaration is on file. A coordinated review was performed.
SEQR Lead Agency: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation
State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA) Determination: Cultural resource lists and map have been checked. No registered, eligible or inventoried archaeological sites or historic structures were identified at the project location. No further review in accordance with SHPA is required.
Coastal Management: This project is located in a Coastal Management area and is subject to the Waterfront Revitalization and Coastal Resources Act.
Opportunity for Public Comment: Comments on this project must be submitted in writing to the Contact Person no later than Aug 10 2001.
Contact: Kathryn D. McGuckin
NYSDEC Region 2 Headquarters
47-40 21St Street
Long Island City, NY 11101

Region 2 SEQR and Other Notices Region 2 SPDES Renewals