Completed Applications Consolidated SPDES Renewals
Positive Declaration

Oneida County - The Town of Trenton Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Wireless Telecommunication Tower - Putnam Road may have a significant adverse environmental impact and a draft EIS must be prepared. The action involves the construction of 180 foot high telecommunications tower. The project requires Site Plan Review by the Town of Trenton Planning Board.

Contact: Joseph E. Smith, Town of Trenton Planning Board, PO Box 206, Barneveld, NY 13304, phone: (315) 896-2664.

Notice of Acceptance of Final Generic EIS

Oneida County - The Town of Marcy, as lead agency, has accepted a final generic EIS on the proposed Semiconductor Fabrication Facility Planned Development District Rezoning. The action involves rezoning of approximately 280 acres of land zoned Residential 20,000 square feet (R-20) operated by SUNY-IT, and known as the West Campus, to Planned Development District for the development of technology-related manufacturing uses, including up to two (2) semiconductor chip fabrication facilities. The project is located on Edic Road, Town of Marcy.

Contact: Hon. Brian Scala, Supervisor, Town of Marcy, 9455 Toby Road, Marcy, New York 13403, phone: (315) 865-8224.