Public Notice

Notice of Applications Received
For Permit Renewals or Minor Modifications

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), Region 2 Headquarters, 47-40 21st Street, Long Island City, NY 11101 announces receipt of the Solid Waste Management (6NYCRR Part 360) applications listed below. The facilities noted have existing permits to operate and have requested either a renewal or minor modification (6NYCRR Part 621) of their permit. The Department anticipates rendering a decision on the applications within thirty days.

DEC No. 2-6007-00070/00001-0
Facility: Waste Management of NY, LLC, 620-630 Truxton Street, Bronx County
Handling Capacity: 1,050 tons per day construction and demolition debris
Proposed Action: Renewal of permit without an increase in handling capacity

DEC No. 2-6007-00158/00001-0
Facility: Paper Fibers Corp., 960 Bronx River Avenue, Bronx County
Handling Capacity: 74 tons per day putrescible solid waste and 300 tons per day paper
Proposed Action: Renewal of permit without an increase in handling capacity

DEC No. 2-6007-0006/00001-0
Facility: Tri State Transfer Associates, 602 Tiffany Street, Bronx County
Handling Capacity: 3,000 cubic yards of asbestos contaminated construction and demolition debris
Proposed Action: Renewal of permit without an increase in handling capacity.

DEC No. 2-6007-00137/00001-0
Facility: AJ Recycling, Inc., 325 Faile Street, Bronx County
Handling Capacity: 1,600 cubic yards of construction and demolition debris
Proposed Action: Modification of facility to add an adjacent parcel allowing for off street truck parking. There will be no increase in handling capacity.

Public Notice

Queens County - The New York City School Construction Authority (SCA), as lead agency has accepted a draft Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Glen Oaks School Campus - Queens (Public School 266-Q, Intermediate School 208-Q, and the High School of Teaching Professions). A public hearing on the draft EIS will be held on Wednesday, November 15, 2000 at 7:00 PM at the Benjamin Cardoza High School, 5700 223rd Street in Bayside, Queens. Written comments on the draft EIS will be accepted until November 30, 2000. The action involves the site selection, acquisition, acceptance of construction funding, and construction of a capacity of 760 seats, and the High School of Teaching Professions would have a capacity of 1,182 seats. The two primary/intermediate schools would serve the students of Community School Districts (CSDs) 26 and 29, but would be administered by the Chancellor's District. The Queens High School Division would administer the High School of Teaching Professions.

The proposed school campus would be located on Lot 60 of Block 7870 at 78-70 Grand Central Parkway North, on the block bounded by the Grand Central Parkway to the north, Commonwealth Boulevard to the east, Union Turnpike to the south, and the Cross Island Parkway to the west in the borough of Queens. The three proposed schools would be developed on the northern, approximately 19.3-acre portion of the 32.7-acre lot, all of which is currently associated with the Creedmoor Psychiatric Center. Two existing buildings located on the project site (Buildings 38 and 51) would be demolished preceding the construction of the three schools. While the SCA has not yet finalized the layout and design plans for the school campus, it is most likely that P.S./I.S. 208-Q would contain approximately 116,000 gross square feet (gsf), P.S./I.S. 266-Q would contain approximately 102,500 gsf, and the High School of Teaching Professions would contain approximately 177,000 gsf. At least two playgrounds would be provided, as would up to 250 on-site parking spaces. A two-way on-site vehicular circulation system with access off of Union Turnpike is also proposed. The project is located at 78-70 Grand Central Parkway North, Queens.

Contact: Ross J. Holden, Vice President & General Counsel, 30-30 Thompson Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101; (718) 472-8220; Fax: (718) 472-8808.

Notice of Acceptance of Final Supplemental EIS

New York County - The Battery Park City Authority, as lead agency, has accepted a final supplemental EIS on the proposed Fifth Supplement to the 1981 Final Environmental Impact Statement. The Battery Park City Authority (BPCA) has prepared a Final Fifth Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (FSEIS) to analyzed potential impacts of several proposed zoning and other actions concerning development in Battery Park Citys (BPCs) North and South Neighborhoods. The primary current proposed zoning actions are modifications to the existing building height and streetwall regulations governing Sites 18B, 19B, 23, and 24, and the designation of permanent public open space areas on a portion of Sites 23 and 24 and on Sites 18 and 19. Within the next year, BPCA intends to pursue additional zoning actions, including: (1) zoning Site 26 to permit development of an approximately 1.9 million-square-foot office building (including 550,755 square feet of unused development space from adjacent Site 25); and (2) rezoning Site 16/17 from its current 12 Floor Area Ratio (FAR) residential zoning to permit development of a 15 FAR commercial or mixed-use commercial and residential building. The project is located in Battery Park City, New York.

The FSEIS also considers the potential impacts of the following other unrelated zoning changes being sought by BPCA: 1) the mapping of a neighborhood retail zoning overlay along the Battery Place frontages of Sites 2 and 3 in the South Neighborhood, and in the North Neighborhood, the extension of the retail zoning overlay on Site 19B and a reduction of the retail zoning overlay on Site 24; 2) an increase in the permitted streetwall height on Site 3 and mid-parcel height on Site 2; 3) a reduction in the permitted tower height for Sites 2 and 3; 4) an increase in the aggregate width of curb cuts permitted for Sites 2 and 3; and 5) an increase in the as-of-right bulkhead dimensions for the residential parcels. The FSEIS also considers the impact of the change of use of the area mapped as Park Place West from a street to public open space.

Contact: Michael Ketring, Esq. Senior Development Counsel, One World Financial Center, New York, NY 10281, phone: 212-416-5342, fax: 212-416-5393.