Notice of Acceptance of Final EIS

Cattaraugus County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Lancaster Stone Products Corporation Farmersville Operation. The action involves the mining of sand and gravel in two phases on a cumulative total of 324 acres out of approximately 700 acres so "owned by the applicant". The Generic Environmental Impact Statement provides an evaluation of environmental impacts attributable to Phase 1 alone and a generic evaluation of the cumulative impacts of Phases 1 & 2. For Phase 2, the applicant will submit separate permit applications and a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement that will evaluate environmental impacts of Phase 2, including further evaluation of certain cumulative impacts. Phase 1 involves mining above and below the water table and material processing with a wash plant with a closed-cycle process- water circulation system, affecting a total of approximately 201.2 acres. Phase 1 includes constructing the main haul road to access Cattaraugus County Route 80 (Laidlaw Road), the installation of a bridge crossing of Johnson Creek, culvert crossings of two tributary streams, the construction of a dam for Mining Area 1 north of Johnson Creek and the mining of 0.28 acres of federally regulated wetlands. The reclamation objectives for Phase 1 alone (if Phase 2 does not occur) is five lakes totaling approximately 66.3 acres, 60.8 acres for farm land and the remaining 69.3 acres as wildlife habitat. However, the applicant is offering Mine Area 9 along Laidlaw Road to Cattaraugus County for a park. If the county accepts, Mine Area 9 would be the first mine area completed and reclaimed suitable for a public park with a lake of about 8.5 acres. The estimated duration of Phase 1 alone is approximately 24 years. As proposed, Phase 2 would add approximately 122.8 acres with above and below water table mining, the relocation of a portion of Carpenter Brook downstream of NYS Route 98, the installation of two culvert crossings of Carpenter Brook, and the construction of three dams across the course of Carpenter Brook upstream of Route 98. The reclamation objectives for combined Phases 1 and 2 together are the creation of seven lakes totaling 150.4 acres, 61.8 acres of farm land and the remaining 103.7 acres (includes the main haul road and some of the internal haul roads which would remain for future access) as wildlife habitat. The project is located north and south of NYS Route 98 and east, west and south of Cattaraugus County Route 80 (Laidlaw Road), in the Town of Farmersville, Cattaraugus County.

Contact: Kenneth C. Taft, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, 182 East Union, Suite 3, Allegany, NY 14706-1328, phone: (716) 372-0645