Negative Declaration

Niagara County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed CWM Chemical Services, LLC (CWM), Model City Facility, Selection of Final Corrective Measures, will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. As the result of past waste management operations, a variety of chemicals used at the CWM's Model City Facility, and by the Department of Defense when the facility was part of the Lake Ontario Ordinance Works, have impacted on-site soils and groundwater. In July, 1989, the Department issued an Industrial Hazardous Waste Management (Part 373) Permit to CWM. That Part 373 Permit (No. 90-87-0476) required CWM to develop a corrective measures program to remediate the areas impacted by the contamination. Subsequently, CWM investigated the nature and extent of the contamination and evaluated potential corrective measures that could be used to remediate the facility. As directed by the Department, CWM installed Interim Corrective Measures (ICMs) in certain areas of the facility to limit the spread of contaminants. The ICMs, which have been implemented, consist of groundwater collection systems at eight different areas of the facility, removal/on-site disposal of PCB-contaminated soils and on-site stabilization of lagoon sludges. The Final Corrective Measures selected to be included in the Department's Part 373 Permit for the facility will consist of continuance of all these ICMs, combined with a detailed monitoring and response program under a mandatory perpetual care program that will entirely be funded by CWM. The project is located at 1550 Balmer Road in the Towns of Lewiston and Porter, Niagara County.

Contact: Jeffrey E. Dietz, NYSDEC - Region 9, Division of Environmental Permits, 270 Michigan Avenue, Buffalo, NY 14203-2999, phone: (716) 851-7165