ENB Region 9 Completed Applications 09/13/2000

Erie County
Applicant: NYS Dept Of Correctional Services
Building 2 - State Office Building Campus
Albany, NY 12226-
Facility: Collins/Gowanda Correctional Facility
Middle Rd
Collins, NY 14034-0490
Application ID: 9-1436-00010/00007
Permit(s) Applied for: Article 19 Air State Facility Permit
Project is Located: in Collins in Erie County.
Project Description:

The Department has prepared a Draft Permit pursuant to Article 19 (Air Pollution Control) of the Environmental Conservation Law (ECL) and the Federal Clean Air Act Amendements and made a tentative determination to approve this application for the Collins/Gowanda Correctional Facility (CGCF), located on Middle Road in the Town of Collins. CGCF is presently permitted for emissions from four boilers and is proposing to add a low Nitrogen Oxide (NOx), dual-fueled (natural gas or No.2 oil) boiler. The total maximum heat input capacity of the boilers willl be increased from 153.1 Million British Thermal Units/hour (MMBTU/hr) to 186.6 MMBTU/hr by this modification. To avoid the requirements of 6NYCRR201-6, Title V Facility Permits, the applicant has chosen to accept emission limitations to restrict the amount of NOx and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emitted from the facility to 99 tons per year, each. By limiting NOx emissions to 99 tons per year, the CGCF will also avoid the requirements of 6NYCRR227-2, Reasonably Available Control Technology (RACT) for Oxides of Nitrogen (NOx). The NOx emissions from the five boilers in the Powerhouse (Emission Unit 0-0MAIN) shall be limited to 73.9 tons per year to avoid the requirements of 40CFR52.21, Prevention of significant deterioration (PSD) of air quality. The Application, Draft Permit, relevant supporting materials and regulations are available for review at the Department's Region 9 office in Buffalo, New York.

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Determination: Project is an Unlisted Action and will not have a significant impact on the environment. A Negative Declaration is on file. A coordinated review was not performed.
SEQR Lead Agency: None Designated
State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA) Determination: The proposed activity is not subject to review in accordance with SHPA. The permit type is exempt or the activity is being reviewed in accordance with federal historic preservation regulations.
Coastal Management: This project is not located in a Coastal Management area and is not subject to the Waterfront Revitalization and Coastal Resources Act.
Opportunity for Public Comment: Comments on this project must be submitted in writing to the Contact Person no later than Oct 16 2000.
Contact: Charles D. Cranston
NYSDEC Region 9 Headquarters
270 Michigan Ave
Buffalo, NY 14203