Adirondack Park Agency Completed Application

Applicant: Dreby New York Partnership
c/o Ed Dreby
14 New Jersey Ave.
Mt Holly, NJ 08060
Phone: (609)261-8190

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
PO Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518)891-4050

Contact: George Outcalt, Jr.

Application No.: APA Project No. 2000-170

Location: Silver Lake, Town of Clifton, St Lawrence County

Comments Due: August 24, 2000

Project Title: Dreby NY Partnership and Priscilla Rich

Project description: The proposed project involves the subdivision of 400 acres into ten parcels: Parcel A (54 acres), Parcel B ( 300 acres), Parcel C-1 (6.8 acres), Parcel C-2 (0.06 acres), Parcel D-1 (1.5 acres), Parcel D-2 (2.3 acres), Parcel E (10 acres), Parcel R-1(2 acres), Parcel R-2 (12 acres, and Parcel R-3 (12 acres). Parcels A & B will be covered by a Conservation Easement held by the State of New York. The State will acquire an easement for the public to existing roads while the applicant will retain the timber rights to the property. Dreby NY will relinquish 4 of the principal building rights associated with the Resource Management portion of the property, while retaining 1 with Parcel B and transferring the other to an existing lot owned by Ed Dreby IV, one of the partners in Dreby NY. Parcels A, B, C and D are subject to restrictive covenants that prohibit the use of gasoline motors on Silver Lake.

Parcel A is to be a "lake shore preserve." It surrounds the northern portion of Silver Lake and includes 6,655 feet of shoreline on the lake. The applicant proposes to create a Silver Lake Partnership with the other landowners around the lake. Parcel A would be transferred initially from Dreby NY to Ed Dreby IV with provisions that title be transferred to the "Silver Lake Partnership" at the request of either party. Parcel A may not otherwise be conveyed except by donation to the State of New York.

Parcel B is to be a managed wood lot with one potential principal building right. It will have an easement, not to exceed 50 ft., on Parcel D-1 for access to Silver Lake. The one building right would be located within 300 ft. of Parcel D-1.

Parcel C-1 is located on both sides of a private dirt road and completely within a Hamlet land use area. It does not have any shoreline on Silver Lake but will have an easement to Parcel C-2 for access to the lake. There is an existing boathouse on Parcel C-2. There are also freshwater wetlands on Parcel C-1 located west of the private access road.

Parcel D-1 and D-2 are the site of a former lumber mill. Parcel D-1 is in a Resource Management land use area and Parcel D-2 is in a Hamlet land use area. Parcel D will be transferred to the five original partners in Dreby NY as joint tenants with the right of succession. The owners of Parcel B will have an option to receive title to Parcel D-1 at no cost. The owners of Parcel C will have an option to receive title to Parcel D-2 at no cost. If these options are not exercised, Parcel D-1 and/or Parcel D-2 will be conveyed to the Silver Lake Partnership or to the State of New York.

Parcel E is a 66 ft. wide old railroad bed that extends northeasterly from Parcel B to the South Branch of the Grasse River. It is about 6,780 ft. long and will be donated in fee to the State of New York.

Parcels R-1, R-2 & R-3 are owned by Priscilla Rich. Parcel R-1 will be conveyed to Ed Dreby IV with provisions that title be transferred to the "Silver Lake Partnership" at the request of either party. Parcel R-1 may not otherwise be conveyed except by donation to the State of New York. Parcels R-2 & R-3 are under contract and will be conveyed to a lot owner on Silver Lake. That lot owner will convey Parcel R-3 to the owners of an adjacent parcel and retain parcel R-2. The existing principal building and other development rights associated with this property will be relinquished pursuant to a conservation easement to the State of New York.

Negative Declaration

St. Lawrence County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed St. Lawrence County Natural Resources Conservation Service SAP will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the carrying out of the Federal Wetland Reserve (WRP) and Partners For Fish & Wildlife (PFF&W) Program wetland restoration and enhancement projects. The project is located county-wide.

Contact: Mark A. Wiggins, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, 317 Washington Street, Watertown, NY 13601.

Notice of Acceptance of a Final Generic EIS

Jefferson County - The Watertown City Council, as lead agency, has accepted a final generic Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed City Center Industrial Park. The action involves the design and development of an approximately 127 acre site located in the City of Watertown.

Contact: Kenneth A. Mix, Planning & Community Development Coordinator, Municipal Building, 245 Washington Street, Watertown, NY 13601, (315) 785-7730.