Adirondack Park Agency Completed Application

Applicant: Mark Schachner
Miller Mannix & Pratt, P.C.
One Broad Street Plaza
P.O. Box 765
Glens Falls, NY 12801
(518) 793-6611

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
PO Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518)891-4050

Contact: George V. Outcalt, Jr.

Application No.: APA Project No. 2000-212

Location: County Route 56, Town of Lake George, Warren County

Comments Due: August 3, 2000

Project Title: Diamond Point Municipal Water System

Project description: The project involves improvements to the Diamond Point Municipal Water System including the installation of: pumps in existing test wells, 957 ft. of 4 inch water line, an underground 125,000 gallon water storage tank, a 21 ft. x 22 ft. metering/disinfection station and about 2,140 ft. of new 8 inch distribution line. The Town also proposes to replace 4,200 ft. of 6 inch distribution line with a new 8 inch distribution line. The new 4 inch water lines tie the existing wells to the new water storage tank and metering/disinfection station. The new 8 inch distribution line will tie the metering/disinfection station to the existing distribution system on County Route 56. The project site includes a 28.5 acre parcel, a 6 acre parcel and a 40 ft. wide 1,377 ft. long construction easement. The existing test wells, the proposed water storage tank, the 4 inch water lines, the metering/disinfection station and a portion of the 8 inch distribution line are located on the 28.5 acre parcel. The rest of the new 8 inch distribution line and a pressure reducing valve are located on the construction easement and the 6 acre parcel. The 40 ft. wide construction easement connects the 28.5 acre parcel with the existing 6 acre parcel. There is an existing reservoir and chlorination plant on the 6 parcel which will be abandoned. The project site is located in a Rural Use land use area on the Park Plan Map and within a Rural Residential 10 acre zone pursuant to the Town of Lake George Agency approved local land use plan. There are freshwater wetlands on the 28.5 acre portion of the project site.

Negative Declaration

Clinton County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency has determined that the proposed Beekmantown Sand Pit will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the establishment of a 10 acre Life of Mine municipal sand pit with a 3 acre permit term disturbance. The project is located south of Route 3 and west of Rand Hill Rd. at the property of James St. Dennis in the Town of Plattsburgh, Clinton County.

Contact: David A. Trost, NYSDEC, Rt. 86, PO Box 296, Ray Brook NY 12977, phone: (518) 897-1305.

Saratoga County - The State Education Department, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed construction of a new Bus Garage for the Ballston Spa Central School District, SED Project No. 52-13-01-06-5-014-001, will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves 20,000 square feet of new construction on existing property. The project is located on Wood Road in the Village of Ballston Spa.

Contact: Carl Thurnau, The State Education Department, Facilities Planning, Rm 1060 EBA, Albany, NY 12234.

SERP Action - Draft Negative Declaration

Saratoga County - Pursuant to the NYS Clean Water/Drinking Water State Revolving Fund and the State Environmental Quality Review Act, the Village Board of Trustees Village of Round Lake, as lead agency has determined that the Water System Improvements Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The project involves installation of a new 8-inch diameter water main, including metering facilities and rechlorination facilities, from the Village's existing water storage tank in the Village of Round Lake to the Clifton Park Water Authority's distribution system in the Town of Malta in order to provide a new source of finished water supply for the Village of Round Lake. The project is located in the Village of Round Lake and portions of Town of Malta, Saratoga County, New York.

Contact: Mayor Dixie Lee Sacks, Village of Round Lake, Village Hall, PO Box 85, Round Lake, New York 12151, phone: (518) 899-2800.