Adirondack Park Agency Completed Application

Applicant: Town of Fine
615 Oswegatchie Trail
Oswegatchie, NY 12370

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
PO Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518)891-4050

Contact: John L. Quinn

Application No.: APA Project No. 2000-110

SEQR: Project is subject to SEQR Type II

Location: Ranger School Road in the Town of Fine

Comments Due: July 6, 2000

Project Title: Town of Fine

Project description: Commercial sand and gravel extraction by Town: Proposed one-year extraction of 2,500 yards of gravel for reconstruction of Ranger School Road. Extraction operations are proposed to occur weekdays, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. over three-month period. Site is a 0.438 acre portion of an existing gravel pit utilized by the College for over 50 years. or Adirondack Park Agency.

Negative Declaration

Jefferson County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, as lead agency has determined that the proposed James E. Sheehan Southville Gravel Pit, Article 23 Title 27, Mined Land Reclamation permit will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the applicant proposing to modify an existing mining permit for a 6.5 acre sand and gravel operation, and increase the size of the mine by an additional 7.8 acres. The project is located 400 feet east of the Southville-Parishville Road and 800 feet south of the Southville Cemetery, approximately 2000 feet south of the Hamlet of Southville.

Contact: Mark A. Wiggins, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, 317 Washington Street, Watertown, New York 13601.