ENB Region 3 Completed Applications 06/07/00

Dutchess County
Applicant: Phoenix Management
Po Box 666
Goshen, NY 10924
Office: NYS DEC
21 South Putt Corners Road
New Paltz, NY 12561-1696
(914) 256-3054
Contact: Scott E. Sheeley
SEQR: Project is a Type I action and will not have a significant effect on the environment. A Negative Declaration is on file and a coordinated review with other agencies has been performed.
SHPA: A Structural-Archaeological Assessment Form has been completed. The proposed activity will not have any impact on registered, eligible or inventoried archaeological sites or historic structures. No further review in accordance with SHPA is required.
Last Filing Date: 06/23/2000
Project Location: East Fishkill
Project Description:
The applicant proposes to construct portions of a new 18-hole, 7,035-yard long golf course, to be known as the Bison Run Golf Club, within DEC designated wetland HJ-30 (Class II) and its 100-foot adjacent area. The 306-acre project site is located on the west side of Stormville Road, approximately O.5 mile north of the intersection with NYS Route 216. The proposed project would result in the disturbance of up to approximately 179 acres of land area, including 0.05 acre of disturbance to wetland HJ-30 and 2.21 acres of disturbance to the 100-foot wetland adjacent area. The project would also involve the construction of a clubhouse and practice driving range. The clubhouse would involve the subsurface discharge of approximately 7,500 gallons of sanitary wastewater per day, which would require authorization under the State Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (SPDES) General Permit for subsurface discharges of less than 10,000 gallons of sanitary wastewater per day.
Permit: Article 17, Titles 7 & 8: Private/Commercial/Institutional SPDES
Article 24: Freshwater Wetlands
Permit ID:DEC-3-1328-00305/00001

Westchester County
Applicant: Consolidated Edison Co Of Ny Inc
4 Irving Pl Rm 306-s
New york, NY 10003-3502
Office: NYS DEC
21 South Putt Corners Road
New Paltz, NY 12561-1696
(914) 256-3054
Contact: Robert J. Stanton
SEQR: Project is an unlisted action and will not have a significant effect on the environment. A Negative Declaration is on file. No coordinated review was performed.
SHPA: The proposed activity is not subject to review in accordance with SHPA. The permit type is exempt or the activity is being reviewed in accordance with federal historic preservation regulations.
Last Filing Date: 07/17/2000
Project Location: Cortlandt
Project Description:
The Department has received an application for a Title V Permit from Consolidated Edison, Indian Point, Buchanan, as required under the Federal Clean Air Act and 6NYCRR Part 201. The Department has made a determination to issue the Title V Permit. Regulations applicable to this facility include 40 CFR 82F and 6NYCRR Parts 200, 201, 211, 215 225, 227-1 and 227-2. This facility produces electricity (SIC code 4911- Electric Services). These emission sources include: Two (2) boilers and three (3) combustion turbines. Both boilers are rated at 65mm btu/hr each and burn distillate oil with limited quantities of on-site generated waste oil. Compliance with NOxRACT requirements was determined by stack test, as per Part 227-2.4(c)(2). Two (2) of the combustion turbines are rated at 345mm btu/hr and one (1) at 239mm btu/hr. They are operating on distillate oil. These three (3) turbines are part of a DEC approved systemwide averaging NOxRACT Plan, as per Part 227-2.5(b). In accordance with 6NYCRR Parts 621.5(d)(9) and 201-6.4(c), the administration of the USEPA has the authority to bar issuance of any Title V facility permit it is determined not to be in compliance with the applicable requirements of the Clean Air Act or 6NYCRR Part 201. The application and draft permit are available for review at the Region 3 Office.
Permit: Article 19: Title V Facility Permit
Permit ID:DEC-3-5522-00011/00019