Adirondack Park Agency Completed Application

Applicant: Donald McClarren, Jr.
P.O. Box 308
Broadalbin, NY 12025

Office: Adirondack Park Agency
PO Box 99, Route 86
Ray Brook, NY 12977
Phone: (518)891-4050

Contact: George V. Outcalt, Jr.

Application No.: APA Project No. 2000-104

SEQR: Project is not subject to SEQR because it is exempt.

Location: NYS Route 22, Town of Essex, Essex County

Comments Due: June 22, 2000

Project Title: 360 Networks Inc.

Project description: The project involves the subdivision of 6 acres into a 2 acre lot to be leased to 360 Networks Inc. and a 4 acre lot to be retained by the Town of Essex for use in association with its Town Highway Garage. The project also involves the construction of a 30 ft. x 160 ft. major public utility use building (i.e. regeneration station) on the 2 acre leased lot. The regeneration station will be used in association with an existing fiber optic telecommunications line located within the bed of the D&H Railroad on adjoining property. The project site is in a Resource Management land use area as designated by the Park Plan Map and partially within the "river area" of the Bouquet River where it is a designated Recreational River in the NYS Wild, Scenic and Recreational Rivers System.

Negative Declaration

Saratoga County - The Village Board of Trustees, Village of Round Lake, as lead agency has determined that the proposed connection to Clifton Park Water Authority as source of water supply plus transmission main water system improvements, will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves installation of a new 8-inch diameter water main, including metering facilities and rechlorination facilities, from the Village's existing water storage tank in the Village of Round Lake to the Clifton Park Water Authority's distribution system in the Town of Malta in order to provide a new source of finished water supply for the Village of Round Lake. The project is located in the Village of Round Lake and a portion of Town of Malta.

Contact: Mayor Dixie Lee Sacks, Village of Round Lake, Village Hall, PO Box 85, Round Lake, New York 12151, phone: (518) 899-2800.

Positive Declaration and Acceptance of Draft EIS

Saratoga County - The State Education Department, as lead agency has determined that the proposed New Elementary School, additions and alterations, SED Project No. 52-12-00-05-0-010-002, may have a significant adverse impact on the environment and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement has been prepared. Written comments on the Draft EIS will be accepted until June 16, 2000. The action involves the Mechanicville City Central School District purchasing two land parcels totaling 14 acres in Halfmoon adjacent to its existing property. The project is located on Pruyne Hill Road, Halfmoon.

Contact: Carl Thurnau, The State Education Department, Facilities Planning, Rm 1060 EBA, Albany, NY 12234.