ENB Region 9 Completed Applications 05/31/00

Chautauqua County
Applicant: Ethan Allen Inc
Ethan Allen Dr
Danbury, CT 06813-1966
Office: NYS DEC
270 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 851-7165
Contact: David S. Denk
SEQR: Project is not subject to SEQR review because it is a Type II action.
SHPA: The proposed activity is not subject to review in accordance with SHPA. The permit type is exempt or the activity is being reviewed in accordance with federal historic preservation regulations.
Last Filing Date: 07/03/2000
Project Location: Carroll
Project Description:
The Department has drafted a permit pursuant to Article 19, Air Pollution Control, of the NYS Environmental Conservation Law and Title V of the Federal Clean Air Act Amendments for the existing emissions from Ethan Allen Inc's Frewsburg Division facility located at 36 Railroad Avenue. This wooden furniture manufacturing facility has a 13 million Btu/hr wood-fired boiler, furniture finishing processes and wood working operations. The facility is permitted primarily under the following regulations: 6NYCRR Part 201-6 (requires firm to obtain a Title V permit), 6NYCRR Part 228 Reasonably Available Control Technology for volatile organic compounds and 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart JJ (regulates surface coating processes). The application and draft permit are available for review at the NYSDEC Region 9 office in Buffalo. In accordance with 6NYCRR Part 621.5(d)(9) & 210-6.4(c), the Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency has the authority to bar issuance of any Title V facility permit if it is determined not to be in compliance with applicable requirements of the Clean Air Act or 6NYCRR Part 201.
Permit: Article 19: Title V Facility Permit
Permit ID:DEC-9-0624-00018/00020

Wyoming County
Applicant: Letchworth Ctl Sch Dist
5550 School Rd
Gainesville, NY 14066-9788
Office: NYS DEC
270 Michigan Avenue
Buffalo, NY 14203
(716) 851-7165
Contact: Douglas E. Borschel
SEQR: Project is an unlisted action and will not have a significant effect on the environment. A Negative Declaration is on file. No coordinated review was performed.
SHPA: Cultural resource lists and map have been checked. No registered, eligible or inventoried archaeological sites or historic structures were identified at the project location. No further review in accordance with SHPA is required
Last Filing Date: 06/16/2000
Project Location: Gainesville
Project Description:
The applicant proposes to construct two potholes and approximately 700 feet of level ditches, as part of a Wildlife Habitat Improvement Program (WHIP), in conjunction with the Natural Recources Conservation Service. One pothole and the ditching will be in a Class II freshwater wetland identified as PO-2. The spoil from one pot hole will be used to top dress an old fill area, which is in the adjacent area of the wetland, so that vegetation can be established. The site is east of Jordan Road and one half mile south of School Road.
Permit: Article 24: Freshwater Wetlands
Section 401 - Clean Water Act: Water Quality Certification
Permit ID:DEC-9-5632-00037/00005