Public Notice

Proposed List of Recommended Water Quality Improvement Projects for Long Island Sound under the Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act of 1996

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation ("NYSDEC"), as authorized by Title 3, Section 56-0303 of the Environmental Conservation Law, known as the 1996 Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act, and in accordance with subdivision 3 of Section 56-0303 of Environmental Conservation Law, as amended by Chapter 1 of the Laws of 1997, has compiled an eligible project list using the project eligibility and ranking guidelines. This list is subject to a thirty-day review and comment period by the Long Island Sound Management Committee prior to finalizing such list of projects.

Pursuant to Chapter 1 of the Laws of 1997, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, in cooperation with the New York State Departments of State and Agriculture and Markets, proposes the Water Quality Improvement Projects listed in the chart below to be funded with 1999-00 State capital appropriations under Title 3 Section 56-0303 of the Clean Water/Clean Air Bond Act of 1996.

The following types of Water Quality Improvement Projects were considered for funding: (1) wastewater treatment improvement projects; (2) agricultural and nonagricultural nonpoint source abatement and control projects; (3) aquatic habitat restoration projects; and (4) pollution prevention projects.

Projects eligible to be funded are Water Quality Improvement Projects to implement the Long Island Sound Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP).

The Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) reviewed more than 800 Water Quality Improvement Project applications from municipalities, Soil and Water Conservation Districts, and state agencies. The proposed list of projects to be funded have all of the characteristics listed below. The projects:

In addition, the applicants of the projects have demonstrated that:

For many of the projects, the recommended award of funds is less than the amount requested by the applicant. The amount was reduced for the following reasons:

The DEC will accept comments on the proposed list of projects to be funded during a 30-day public comment period which ends April 21, 2000. Written comments should be addressed to Bond Act, Water Quality Improvement Projects, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, 50 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12233-3503.

Pursuant to Chapter 1 of the Laws of 1997, during the comment period DEC will share the proposed list of projects with the Long Island Sound Management Committee. The list of Bond Act projects for Long Island Sound will be finalized and published in the Environmental Notice Bulletin following the public comment period and the management committee review.

Management Plan: Long Island Sound

The highest priority identified in the Long Island Sound Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan is nitrogen reduction. Other priorities are: habitat restoration; storm water control and combined sewer overflow abatement; and sediment remediation. The following projects are consistent with the priorities identified in the approved management plan:



2277 Suffolk Suffolk County Sewer District No. 1 - Port Jefferson, Nitrogen Reduction Suffolk County $3,587,000 $3,048,950
3001 Westchester Construction of Overflow Retention Basins in the Village of Larchmont and the City of New Rochelle Westchester County $11,899,645 $4,839,898
3061 Westchester Aquatic Habitat Restoration at the Edith G. Read Wildlife Sanctuary and the Nature Study Woods Westchester County $220,000 $110,000
3064 Westchester Reconstruction of Rye Town Park Pond Town of Rye $669,675 $489,675
3065 Westchester Pryer Manor Marsh Restoration - Phase 2 Town of Mamaroneck $283,665 $210,000
3071 Nassau Stehli Beach Stormwater Mitigation - Construction Phase Town of Oyster Bay $212,000 $106,000
3077 Suffolk Wincoma Drainage Area "C" (Project 2) Village of Huntington Bay $482,783 $241,391
3078 Nassau Bayville Park Boulevard/Perry Avenue Projects Village of Bayville $1,325,000 $662,500
3135 Suffolk Fleets Cove/Knollwood Beach Stormwater Mitigation Project Town of Huntington $600,000 $300,000
3181 Bronx Tallapoosa West Wetland Restoration NYSDEC $409,825 $324,825
3190 Suffolk Construction of Nitrogen Removal Facilities at Huntington Sewer District Town of Huntington $10,500,000 $5,682,250
3194 Nassau Whitney Lake Rehabilitation Project Nassau County Dept. of Public Works $1,000,000 $500,000
3198 Suffolk Centerport Harbor Stormwater Runoff Mitigation Project Town of Huntington $500,000 $250,000
3199 Nassau Restoration of Pond at Pond Park,

Great Neck

Village of Great Neck Estates $37,730 $28,297
3200 Nassau Manhasset Valley Park Pond Project Nassau County $1,288,250 $644,125
3201 Suffolk Aunt Amy's Creek Stormwater Mitigation Project Town of Brookhaven $355,057 $106,627
3208 Suffolk Stormwater Runoff Control along the shore of Northport Harbor Village of Northport $356,000 $178,000
3229 Suffolk St. Johnland Road Drainage Improvements and Culvert Replacement Town of Smithtown $250,000 $125,000
3315 Bronx WP-56 Hunts Point Water Pollution Control Interim Plant Upgrading -

Phase I

City of New York $80,000,000 $30,828,162

Seventh Annual NYS Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention

Applications are now available for the New York State Seventh Annual Governor's Award for Pollution Prevention. The awards program was established to recognize pollution prevention efforts by NYS organizations. Applicants can compete in one of the two following categories. 1) Facilities generating waste and pollution: small (100 or fewer employees), mid-size (more than 100 and fewer than 500 employees), or large (more than 500 employees) industrial, commercial or institutional facilities; federal, state and local governments; and educational institutions, and 2) technical assistance providers: environmental, community and civic organizations; trade associations or other business/industry groups; federal, state and local governments, and educational institutions; and other public or private entities. Nominations for awards will be made to Governor Pataki by Commissioner Cahill of the Department of Environmental Conservation based on recommendations from a selection committee.

Criteria to be considered for the applicants include: description of pollution prevention project, program or technology; waste volume/toxicity reduction; environmental, economic and other benefits; commitment and leadership; relevance to others; and community involvement.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The awards will be presented at the Pollution Prevention Conference which will be held September 19-21,2000 at the Radisson-The Hotel Syracuse, Syracuse, New York. Applications are due June 30, 2000, and are available through the DEC's website: www.dec.state.ny.us/website/ppu.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information regarding the application and criteria for the awards should contact Mr. Carlos Montes at the Department of Environmental Conservation, Pollution Prevention Unit, 50 Wolf Rd., Room 298, Albany, NY 12233-8010, telephone (518) 457-0774, Fax 518-457-2570.