Rules & Regulations - Notice of Proposed Adoption

Pursuant to the provisions of the State Administrative Procedures Act notice is given of the following action:

Amend Title 6 NYCRR, Parts 2 and 6, Sections:

This action is proposed to: manage harvest of small game animals, frogs, game birds, migratory game birds and furbearing animal; implement new legislative authority to set frog seasons by regulation; make season date adjustments to better match population status and hunter and trapper interest; and to simplify regulations.

Contact: Gerald Barnhart, Division of Fish, Wildlife and Marine Resources, NYS Department of Environmental Conservation, 50 Wolf Road, Albany, NY 12233-4750 (518) 457-5690.

New York State Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
Intended Use Plan

The New York State Department of Health (DOH) and the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) propose to amend the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF) Final Intended Use Plan (IUP) dated September 9, 1999, to adjust the estimated project costs for 16 DWSRF projects listed in the Project Readiness list. A project description and explanation of the reason for the cost increases are included in the table below:

DWSRF # County Borrower Project Description Current IUP Cost Proposed IUP Cost Explanation
15403 Albany (T) New Scotland Extend distribution system $888,890 $938,890 Anticipated EPA funding was not received.
16687 Chenango (T) Norwich Extend distribution system $1,171,760 $1,567,468 The increase in cost is due to actual bid prices received being greater than originally estimated.
15237 Chenango (V) Sherburne New groundwater source, New transmission, Upgrade Storage, Upgrade distribution system $2,310,054 4,000,000 The original cost estimate was based on outdated information. The Engineering Study completed in November 1999 estimated the work at the higher cost.
16249 Clinton Pray's Mobile Home Park New Groundwater Source $50,134 $104,497 Additional project costs for work already completed has now been determined to be eligible under the DWSRF program.
15024 Delaware Halcottsville Homeowners Association New storage, upgrade distribution $142,380 $297,000 Since pre-application submission, the engineer has determined that the distribution main must be replaced in order to provide adequate pressure for the system. The addition of the distribution main is integral to the original project.
15006 Delaware (V) Hobart New WTP, New groundwater source, New transmission $723,200 $1,400,000 During the design phase which occurred after the original preapplication submittal it was determined that additional work must be accomplished to complete this project.
16084 Erie (T) Newstead New water district $3,150,000 $3,400,000 Project is currently under construction, additional money is needed to complete the waterlines that are part of the approved plans and specifications for this project.
15800 Essex (V) Lake Placid New WTP $3,772,943 $4,545,960 Bids received were $773,017 above the original estimates to complete the project.
15845 Essex (T) Keene New groundwater source, Upgrade transmission, Upgrade distribution system $972,930 $1,102,930 Based on higher bids then expected and more rock removal then expected the project cost has increased.
15839 Essex (T) Lewis New groundwater source, Upgrade distribution system $172,839 $765,702 Project cost increased to $765,702 to allow the installation of more wells to meet demand and eliminate reliance on backup surface water source.
16732 Greene (V) Hunter New WTP $3,755,207 $3,830,673 A more detailed investigation of the upgrades needed to complete the project results in increased costs.
16717 Jefferson (T) Hounsfield New distribution system $5,437,970 $5,695,100 Since the pre-application submission, additional analysis was done by the engineer. An additional 10 homes will be served by the project, more rock excavation was located, and additional DOT requirements for right of way's will be needed.
16673 Orange (C) Middletown New transmission, New storage, New distribution system $8,844,424 $9,994,200 A computer error involving the 13% contingency amount included in all projects in the IUP resulted in the project cost being erroneously reduced by 13%.
16674 Orange (C) Middletown New WTP, New transmission, Upgrade distribution system $8,736,222 $9,950,000 A computer error involving the 13% contingency amount included in all projects in the IUP resulted in the project cost being erroneously reduced by 13%.
15696 Saratoga (T) Halfmoon Extend distribution system $1,425,952 $1,644,000 The project cost increase is due to inflation of construction costs since original pre-application submission which was in 1997. Revised bids for similar projects in the area justify the increase.
15412 Westchester (V) Mount Kisco Upgrade pump station, New WTP $13,511,733 $17,189,722 Additional treatment units added to the design to meet regulatory requirements resulted in the cost increase.

The Department has determined that these project cost increases are necessary, reasonable and consistent with the original project concept. In addition, the scope of the projects has not changed, nor have we altered the project priority rankings in any way. These project cost increases will not adversely affect any other project on the IUP Project Readiness List above the funding line. Except for the above-noted change, there is no other change to projects listed on the Project Readiness List or to the project priority rankings.

Written statements or comments on the above DWSRF project cost increase will be accepted by fax or mail until close of business on March 16, 2000 and should be filed with:
Mr. Michael E. Burke, P.E., Director
Bureau of Public Water Supply Protection
Flanigan Square, 547 River Street, Room 400
Troy, New York 12180-2216
Fax Number: (518)402-7659

The revised Project Readiness List may be obtained by calling DOH's toll free information line at 1-800-458-1158, extension 27676 (within New York State only) or (518) 402-7676.