Negative Declarations

Tioga County - The Newark Valley Planning Board as lead agency has determined that the proposed development of the Village of Newark Valley Master Plan will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The project involves the development of a comprehensive master plan for the Village of Newark Valley in Tioga County.

Contact: James Tornatore, 9 Park Street P. O. Box 398, Newark Valley, NY 13811 (607) 642-8686.

Final EIS

Broome County - The Broome County Legislature as lead agency has accepted a final EIS for the proposed Broome County Landfill/ Composting Program/ Water and Sewer Service Extension. The proposed project consists of the following three separate, but interrelated activities: construction of a new landfill on Dunham Hill Road, just north of the existing Nanticoke Landfill; development of a pilot solid waste composting demonstration project at the Nanticoke Landfill; and, provision of water service to the existing and new landfills and the County-owned Binghamton Regional Airport.

The new landfill will be approximately 100 acres, constructed and filled on a cell-by-cell basis, with each cell ranging in size from 5 to 17 acres. The first phase of landfill development will be the most significant, since it will involve construction of new capacity as well as ancillary infrastructure in support of the entire new landfill, such as service roads and an underpass for new landfill access. The solid waste compost program is proposed to be implemented as a demonstration or pilot program using a limited number of commercial, institutional and residential generators. Funding solicitation and detailed program design would be undertaken in the near term. The provision of water will provide potable water for existing County facilities (the new and existing landfill, and the airport) along the proposed route. This service will provide water for fire protection, drinking water for employees, and a backup water supply should private wells become impacted, meeting the needs of both the existing and new landfills. Water service will also benefit the neighboring, County-owned Binghamton Regional Airport, which is currently experiencing a water crisis. In addition, the FEIS provides a more generic evaluation of three other potential development activities including: sewer service to the leachate treatment facility and to other facilities; additional hookups to the public water system beyond County facilities; and, solid waste composting system beyond a pilot scale, predicated on the outcome of the demonstration project, advances in composting technologies, and market place economics. Any public water connection to non-County facilities, or construction of a public sewer system will be undertaken only after the completion of a planning study and supplemental environmental review, which will address issues associated with future land use and development impacts along the Airport Corridor as a whole. Similarly, subsequent development of a composting system, beyond implementation of a pilot study, will also be subject to supplemental environmental reviews.

A Copy of the FEIS may be reviewed at the following locations: Broome County Public Library, Main Branch, Exchange Street, Binghamton, NY, Office of Broome County Legislature, Broome County Office Building, 44 Hawley Street, and the Broome County Environmental Management Council, Broome County Office Building, 44 Hawley Street, Binghamton, NY

Contact Person: Lisa D. Foley, Broome County Division of Solid Waste Management, 44 Hawley Street, P.O. Box 1766, Binghamton, NY 13902-1766 (607) 778-6182