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ENB - Region 1 Notices 6/13/2018

Negative Declaration

Suffolk County - The New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (NYS OPRHP), as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Green Goats Invasives Control will not have a significant adverse environmental impact.

NYS OPRHP proposes to use prescribed grazing by releasing a goat herd to treat over four acres of a near-monoculture of Miscanthus sinensis (Japanese silver grass) along the eastern side of Heckscher State Park. The invasive population is within a freshwater wetland. Its sharp leaves make dense stands impassable and normal methods of mechanical or herbicide treatment are impractical. Temporary fencing will be constructed during treatment to corral the goat herd. The site will be monitored throughout to determine the ideal size of the goat herd and afterwards to determine success. Complete removal will likely require multiple seasons of treatment.

The project is located in the Heckscher State Park in East Islip, Town of Islip, New York.

Contact: Nicole Garofolo, NYS OPRHP - Long Island Regional Headquarters, P.O. Box 247, Babylon, NY 11702; Phone: (631) 321-3548, Fax: (631) 321-3721, E-mail:

Suffolk County - The New York State Governor's Office of Storm Recovery (NYS GOSR), as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Carlls River and Connetquot River Watersheds and Southwest Sewer District #3 Sewer Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact.

The action involves (1) installation of service laterals connecting residential parcels in Southwest Sewer District #3 (SSD3) to existing collection and conveyance systems terminating at Suffolk County's Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant; (2) construction of a new collection system to connect residential and commercial parcels to existing conveyance and treatment systems in the Carlls River and Connetquot River watersheds (subsequently referred to as the Carlls River and Connetquot River expansion areas, respectively). The SSD3 boundary would then be expanded to include the Carlls River and the Connetquot River expansion areas. The Proposed Action potentially involves federal, state and local approvals, and is subject to NEPA and SEQRA and their implementing regulations. The proposed project seeks to mitigate impacts associated with on-site wastewater treatment and disposal systems (OSWS) failures caused by natural hazards. Nearly 74 percent of residential and commercial properties in Suffolk County rely on OSWS (septic tanks and cesspools) to handle the treatment and disposal of wastewater, and OSWS failures in the project area cause public health risks associated with uncontrolled sewage discharges during and after storm events. The project is needed because OSWS in the project area are susceptible to both capacity and treatment or disposal failures during floods and heavy rain events. The project would address nitrogen and pathogen pollution by reducing the total net nitrogen load into surface and ground water from existing on-site sanitary disposal systems.

The project is located in the Town and Village of Babylon in the Town of Islip, New York.

Contact: Matt Accardi, NYS GOSR, 25 Beaver Street, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10004; Phone: (212)480-6265, E-mail:

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