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ENB Region 1 Completed Applications 09/13/2017

Suffolk County


Post Morrow Foundation Inc
PO Box 204
Brookhaven, NY 11719 -0204


Post Morrow Foundation Property
Bay Rd SCTM # 0200-976.2-3-7.3; 200-978.3-1-16.3
Brookhaven, NY 11719 -0204

Application ID:


Permit(s) Applied for:

Article 24 Freshwater Wetlands
Article 15 Title 3 Aquatic Pesticides
Article 25 Tidal Wetlands

Project is Located:

Brookhaven, Suffolk County

Project Description:

Applicant proposes a 3-year treatment plan to eradicate the existing Phragmites australis in 17 acres of NYSDEC-regulated freshwater and tidal wetlands adjacent to Beaver Dam Creek to promote revegetation of the area with native Spartina, beginning in the Fall of 2017. In the first year the area will be sprayed with the herbicide "Aquamaster" using mechanical and hand-spraying. Hand-wicking of herbicide will be conducted in areas with non-target species. Three to five months after application the treated areas will be mowed. In the third year, persistent stands will be spot treated with the herbicide by hand. Project is located on Bay Avenue in the Hamlet of Brookhaven, Suffolk County. SCTM's# 200-976.2-3-7.3 & 200-978.3-1-16.3

Availability of Application Documents:

Filed application documents, and Department draft permits where applicable, are available for inspection during normal business hours at the address of the contact person. To ensure timely service at the time of inspection, it is recommended that an appointment be made with the contact person.

State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Determination:

Project is an Unlisted Action and will not have a significant impact on the environment. A Negative Declaration is on file. A coordinated review was not performed.

SEQR Lead Agency: None Designated

State Historic Preservation Act (SHPA) Determination:

The proposed activity is not subject to review in accordance with SHPA. The application type is exempt and/or the project involves the continuation of an existing operational activity.

Coastal Management:

This project is located in a Coastal Management area and is subject to the Waterfront Revitalization and Coastal Resources Act.

Opportunity for Public Comment:

Comments on this project must be submitted in writing to the Contact Person no later than Sep 28, 2017.


Laura F Star
NYSDEC Region 1 Headquarters
SUNY @ Stony Brook 50 Circle Rd
Stony Brook, NY 11790

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