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ENB - Region 8 Notices 9/6/2017

Negative Declaration

Wayne County - The Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Wayne County Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the development of plans by the Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority (WCWSA) to construct a regional wastewater treatment plant (WWTP), including associated pumping stations, sewer mains, and other related facilities to serve all or portions of the Towns of Macedon and Marion and the Village of Palmyra. Current plans call for the construction of a new WWTP with capacity up to 1.75 million gallons per day in the Village of Palmyra, installation of approximately 64,000 linear feet of low-pressure sewer conveyance mains, related pumping station improvements, and decommissioning of existing wastewater treatment facilities in the Towns of Marion and Macedon as well as the Village of Palmyra. The decommissioning will include rehabilitation of certain portions of the existing WWTPs, such as the replacement of the existing influent pumps, screenings and grit removal equipment, and associated electrical and control systems. The WCWSA may acquire from the Village of Palmyra the parcel in which the new regional WWTP will be located for improved management and operations. The sewer main will be installed along road rights-of-way and possibly on private easements; its exact length and location depend on whether the proposed or alternate route is selected for the final design. The environmental review of this project will encompass both the proposed and alternate routes of sanitary sewer line installation. The Project will efficiently treat the wastewater from all three municipalities, eliminate existing discharges to poor receiving water bodies, support economic development, and increase regional shared infrastructure. The project is located at 613 East Main Street (NYS Route 31) in the Village of Palmyra; 4243 Smith Road (County Road 219) in the Town of Marion; 135 Main Street (NYS Route 31) in the Town of Macedon; as well as along various roadways and occasional easements in the Village of Palmyra and Towns of Macedon, Marion, and Palmyra, New York.

Contact: Martin J. Aman, WCWSA, 3377 Daansen Road, Walworth, NY 14568, Phone: (315) 986-1929, E-mail:

Wayne County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC), as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Adoption and Implementation of the Habitat Management Plan (HMP) for Lake Shore Marshes Wildlife Management Area (WMA) will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the adoption and implementation of an HMP for Lake Shore Marshes WMA that guides habitat management on the area to benefit wildlife and facilitate wildlife-dependent recreation for a ten year time period. The planning process included a comprehensive inventory of habitats on the WMA, establishing management objectives and target species for each habitat type, and the development of strategies and actions that can be implemented over the next decade to achieve habitat management goals. The plan includes extensive background information, management history, and a series of maps depicting WMA location, sensitive ecological resources, and planned management actions.

Major habitat management goals for Lake Shore Marshes WMA include:

  • Managing 5% of the WMA as young forest (10% of forested acreage) to promote associated wildlife;
  • Maintaining 46% as intermediate and mature forest to provide diverse forest habitats;
  • Maintaining 3% as grassland and 2% as shrubland to provide early-successional habitats;
  • Temporarily managing approximately 1% as agricultural lands as a means to restore grassland quality; and
  • Managing 5% as wetland impoundments and maintaining 36% as high-quality natural wetland and open water habitat.

The Lake Shore Marshes WMA is located in the Towns of Huron, Sodus, and Wolcott, New York.

Contact: Michael N. Palermo, NYS DEC - Region 8 Office, Division of Fish and Wildlife, 6274 East Avon-Lima Road, Avon, NY 14414, Phone: (585) 226-5383, E-mail:

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