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ENB - Region 8 Notices 6/7/2017

Negative Declaration

Genesee County - The Town of Batavia, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Kings Plaza Pump Station Improvements will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves improvements to the Kings Plaza Pump Station including the replacement of the pumps, piping, flow meter, generator, roof, and site work. The project also includes the installation of a new force main that will run from the pump station to the City of Batavia Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF) located off Treadeasy Avenue. The force main will run along various Town and City streets between the pump station and the WWTF. An intermediate connection to the City collection system may be completed prior to the long term connection to the WWTF. In addition, the replacement of 650 linear feet ± on the influent side of the pump station will be replaced.

The purpose of the project is to increase the capacity of the pump station (due to recent development upstream and a recently completed sewer extension upstream), address reliability/condition concerns, and implements master flow metering agreed upon with the City of Batavia. The project will also improve the operation of the City of Batavia's Redfield pump station, as the Kings Plaza pump station will not longer utilize the shared force main with the City.

The project is located at 4112 W Main Street Road in the City of Batavia, New York.

Contact: Eric Wies, 205 Saint Paul Street, Rochester, NY 14604, Phone: (800) 274-9000, E-mail:

Ontario County - The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC), as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Adoption and Implementation of the Habitat Management Plan (HMP) for Stid Hill Multiple Use Area (MUA) will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the adoption and implementation of an HMP for Stid Hill MUA that guides habitat management on the area to benefit wildlife and facilitate wildlife-dependent recreation for a ten year time period. The planning process included a comprehensive inventory of habitats on the MUA, establishing management objectives and target species for each habitat type, and the development of strategies and actions that can be implemented over the next decade to achieve habitat management goals. The plan includes extensive background information, management history, and a series of maps depicting MUA location, sensitive ecological resources, and planned management actions.

Major habitat management goals for Stid Hill MUA include:

  • Conversion of 8% of the MUA to young forest (10% of forest acreage) to promote woodcock, ruffed grouse, and other young forest wildlife;
  • Maintenance of approximately 74% as intermediate and mature forest to provide diverse forest habitat and promote forest interior species;
  • Management of approximately 7% as shrubland to provide early-successional habitat that contains dense cover and abundant soft-mast;
  • Management of approximately 5% as grasslands to provide foraging and brood-rearing habitat to forest wildlife, such as wild turkey.
  • Maintenance of 4% as natural wetlands to promote associated wildlife.

The Stid Hill MUA is located in the Towns of Bristol and South Bristol, New York.

Contact: Michael Palermo, NYS DEC - Division of Fish and Wildlife, Bureau of Wildlife, 6274 East Avon-Lima Road, Avon, NY 14414, Phone: (585) 226-5383.

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