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ENB - Region 9 Notices 1/4/2017

Negative Declaration

Cattaraugus County - The Randolph Central School District, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Capital Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. In February 2015, the Randolph Central School District (District) proposed its 2015 Capital Project consisting of a District-Wide Capital Improvements Project, 2015, and an Athletic Facilities Improvements Project, 2015. The Board of Education conducted a coordinated SEQRA review of the entire 2015 Capital Project and determined that it would not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The public considered separate propositions, approving the District-Wide Capital Improvements Project, 2015, and rejecting the Athletic Facilities Improvements Project, 2015. Therefore, certain athletic facility improvements that had been originally contemplated and considered in the SEQRA review have been deleted from the 2015 Capital Project. Other modest modifications to the 2015 Capital Project have been made in accordance with the language of the approved proposition. These modifications are consistent with the types of items included in the public-approved District-Wide Capital Improvements Project, 2015 proposition which authorized the Board to make certain amendments, within prescribed limits, to the project scope by reallocation, deletion, revision, or supplementation of the project components that were presented to the public for approval. Modifications include the development of a construction staging area and subsequently a parking area on a parcel of land that is was acquired adjacent to the campus' front lawn and entrance drive, rather than constructing a parking area near the tennis courts on campus, the expansion and construction of other parking areas, and other items. The deletions and other modifications do not change the determination that the 2015 Capital Project will not have a significant adverse environmental impact and that a Draft Environmental Impact Statement will not be prepared.

The updated project description is as follows:

The Randolph Central School District (District) proposes to undertake a capital project which will include various renovation, upgrade and site work improvements at the District's campus. At the time Part 1 of the EAF was originally completed and circulated among potentially involved and interested agencies to coordinate the SEQR review, it had been contemplated that the District would also enter into a lease with the Town of Randolph for the Town to provide facilities to support the District's operation of its Transportation Department and land might be conveyed adjacent to the Town's Weeden Park as part of that possible arrangement. However, that contemplated arrangement between the District and Town is no longer proposed, and the existing bus garage will remain on the campus. Many of the other items contemplated in September 2014 remain as part of the proposed project with some modifications, mainly scope reductions, as noted below.

Building improvements at the Junior / Senior High School and Gail N. Chapman Elementary School will include health/safety, accessibility, technology, and code compliance work and upgrades to building systems including general construction, mechanical, electrical and plumbing upgrades. Items will include heating system upgrades; ceilings; flooring; selective roof replacement; clock system; security and safety upgrades including security camera system (2016 Update: security camera system is no longer part of this project) and fire alarm and detection upgrades, and outdoor lighting in parking areas and at the multipurpose athletic facility (2016 Update: new outdoor lighting is no longer planned at the multipurpose athletic facility; there still will be improved lighting in parking and driveway areas and possibly associated with new pedestrian walkways including one connecting the Elementary School and stadium that may be constructed as an alternate item if budget allows); communication technology upgrades; auditorium renovations including (2016 Update: stage rigging and theatrical lighting controls and no new platform/stage floor); (2016 Update: renovations to science classrooms added and possibly masonry restoration added as an alternate item if budget allows); and refinishing wood cabinets, shelves, and doors and updating hardware for ADA accessibility.

Site work will include athletic facility improvements on the existing campus. Vehicle and pedestrian circulation work at the campus will include reconfiguring the existing Elementary School parking area to improve vehicle flow and provide isolated parent drop-off/pick-up of students from designated bus loading areas. (2016 Update: The Elementary School parking area also will be expanded by an additional 60 ± spaces beyond the 10 ± additional spaces originally proposed. Additional spaces for buses and other smaller District vehicles are proposed near the bus garage in an existing paved area and a small area of lawn that will be paved. Other vehicle and pedestrian circulation work will include (bus garage demolition / new parking area were deleted in February 2015); creating a plaza area announcing a new entry to the High School and separating the existing bus lane area from adjacent parking and providing pedestrian walking zones between schools with traffic calming features; reconfiguring the parking area at the northwest corner of the High School designating a new drop-off / pick-up area isolated from existing parking and new bus lanes; (as of February 2015, construction of a new parking area on the west side of the High School located off College Avenue, drop-off / pick-up area and terraced area/ retaining walls were no longer proposed, but parking area could be included if budget allows) (2016 Update: The proposed parking area off College Avenue is still included as a possible alternate item if budget allows); repurposing one of the three tennis courts for parking and relocating court lights (2016 Update: This is no longer proposed due to the new parking area proposed on a portion of the parcel acquired in the front area of campus near the entrance drive which will be in lieu of the originally proposed parking area near the tennis courts; a portion of the new parcel also will be used as a gravel construction project staging area prior to development as a paved parking area in lieu of the tennis court location; one of the three tennis courts may be repurposed for a basketball court as an alternate item if budget allows); and possibly improving circulation to athletic facilities from parking areas including new walkways and stairs. Widening access driveways with associated retaining wall (2016 Update: is, rather than may be), included.

Proposed improvements to athletic facilities at the campus include a new resilient track surface (2016 Update: and possibly other track & field event areas and other upgrades that may include paving the "D-zones" portion of the track infield, new discus and shot put event areas, and resurfacing tennis and basketball courts as alternate items if the budget allows); (2016 Update: the following athletic improvements are no longer part of the proposed project: reconstructing the existing grass central playfield within the track to a new multi-purpose synthetic turf playfield for football, soccer and other activities). It is noted that as of February 2015, the contemplated option of upgraded grass turf surface was no longer under consideration, and other athletic facility improvements (improving the modified softball field including installing a retaining wall in right field for safety, expanding the outfield area to accommodate an improved half practice football field, and installing dugouts and safety fencing at the Varsity softball field) also had been removed from the project. Drainage improvements, including possible underdrainage storm water system and infrastructure to connect to the municipal system or new detention areas, are still included in the project.

The project is located at the Randolph Junior / Senior High School and Gail N. Chapman Elementary School at 18 Main Street in Randolph, New York.

Contact: Kaine Kelly, Randolph Central School District, 18 Main Street, Randolph, NY 14772, Phone: (716) 358-7005, E-mail:

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