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ENB - Region 2 Notices 12/16/2015

Negative Declaration

New York County (Brooklyn) - The New York City Planning Commission, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed 435 Henry Street Curb Cut Authorization will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves a proposal by the applicant, Andrea Compton, for authorization pursuant to New York City Zoning Resolution (ZR) Section 25-631(f)(2) (Modification of curb cut location requirements) to permit one off-street parking space within a proposed accessory carriage house, and the installation of a curb cut on an existing Zoning Lot located in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of Brooklyn, Community District 6, New York. The affected Zoning Lot (Project Area) is located in an R6 zoning district in a limited height district (LH-1) within the Cobble Hill Historic District. The Project Area is generally bounded by Kane Street to the north; Strong Place to the east; Henry Street to the west; and a line roughly parallel to and approximately 100 feet from Kane Street to the south. The proposed authorization would facilitate a proposal by the Applicant to provide an accessory parking garage containing a single parking space within the ground floor level of a 726 gross square foot, future two-story carriage house structure (Use Group 2) at Lot 33 (Project Site) pursuant to New York City Department of Building (NYC DOB)approved plans. The off-street parking space, to be provided in the proposed garage, would be accessory to a single family home located on the Project Site. Additionally the proposed action would facilitate the provision of an 8 foot wide curb cut at the Project Site, to provide vehicular access to the proposed parking garage.

The Project Site is identified by two addresses: 435 Henry Street, on the western portion of the site, which is currently developed with a single-family home measuring 6,391 gross square foot, and 158 Kane Street, on the northern portion of the site, which received NYC DOB approvals for a future two-story residential structure (the carriage house). The affected zoning lot contains one 10 foot long curb cut adjacent to the Project Site along Kane Street. The proposed curb cut would be installed at a distance of six feet from the existing curb cut.

R6 zoning districts permit a wide range of building types and heights and are commonly mapped in medium-density areas of Brooklyn and other boroughs. LH-1 districts have a maximum building height of 50 feet. Pursuant to ZR 25-631, in R6 districts only one curb cut, with a maximum of 12 feet, is permitted on any street frontage of a single zoning lot. Pursuant to ZR 25-631(f)(2), the New York City Planning Commission may authorize modification of the location and width of curb cuts as required by the provisions of ZR 25-631 provided that the New York City Planning Commission finds that (i) the proposed modification does not adversely affect the character of the surrounding area; and (ii) where more than one curb cut is provided, the curb cuts are arranged to foster retention of curbside parking spaces along the street frontage of the zoning lot. The proposed authorization would modify the limitation of one curb cut per zoning lot (ZR 25-631(e)) to permit a second curb cut at the Project Site.

The New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (NYC LPC) issued a Certificate of Appropriateness (No. 14-8316) dated September 11, 2013, expiring July 16, 2019, for the proposed project, including installation of the proposed curb cut. On October 17, 2013, the New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) approved the proposed installation of a second curb cut at the zoning lot.

Absent the proposed actions, the proposed curb cut would not be provided, and the two-story carriage house structure would be occupied with a residential unit, in accordance with the NYC DOB approved plans.

The analysis year for the proposed project is 2016.

Contact: Olga Abinader, New York City Department of City Planning, 22 Reade Street, Room 4E, New York, NY 10007, Phone: (212) 720-3493, E-mail:

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