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ENB - Region 3 Notices 11/18/2015

Negative Declaration

Westchester County - The Town of Greenburgh Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Mack-Cali CW Realty LLC - Site Plan, Planning Board Steep Slope, Wetland/Watercourse and Tree Removal Permit will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves a site plan (Planning Board approval), Planning Board steep slope, wetland/watercourse, and tree removal permit (Town Forestry Officer approval) application for a proposal consisting of the demolition of an existing four story office building and the construction of a one-story 35,000 square foot multi-use commercial building with 3,500 square foot of office space, 15,750 square foot of light manufacturing space and 15,750 square foot of storage/warehouse space, along with related site improvements. The applicant proposes 3,032 square foot of disturbance on 15-25% slopes (Steep Slopes), 998 square foot of disturbance on 25-35% slopes (Very Steep Slopes) and 394 square foot of disturbance on 35%+ slopes (Excessively Steep Slopes). The applicant proposes 61,562 square foot of disturbance within the regulated wetland/watercourse buffer area on the project site. The nearest point of proposed work to the existing wetland/watercourse is approximately 5 foot; to the headwall of a culvert, associated with improvements to the existing parking lot. The applicant proposes one hundred one (101) parking spaces and four (4) loading areas. It is noted that a majority of the work is proposed within previously disturbed areas. The project involves approximately 329 cubic yards of cut and approximately 5,511 cubic yards of imported fill, requiring a fill permit from the Bureau of Engineering. The applicant proposes the removal of twenty five (25) regulated trees, requiring a tree removal permit from the Town Forestry Officer. The project requires area variances from the Zoning Board of Appeals. The subject site consists of approximately 130,513 square foot (3.0 acres) and is situated on the north side of Executive Boulevard approximately 250 feet from the intersection of Westchester Plaza. The property is located in the PD Nonresidential Planned Development District at 101 Executive Boulevard in the Town of Greenburgh, New York

Contact: Garrett Duquesne, Town of Greenburgh, 177 Hillside Avenue, Greenburgh, NY 10607, Phone: (914) 989-1530, E-mail:

Notice of Acceptance of Draft GEIS and Public Hearing

Orange County - The Town of Monroe Town Board as lead agency, has accepted a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Chapter 57 Zoning Code and attached Zoning Tables. A public hearing on the Draft GEIS will be held on November 30, 2015 at 6:30 p.m. at the Monroe Arts and Civic Center, 34 Millpond Parkway, Monroe, NY 10950. Written comments on the Draft GEIS will be accepted until December 14, 2015 or 10 days after the close of the public hearing, whichever is later. The Draft GEIS is available from the Town Clerk's Office, in the basement of the Monroe Senior Center on 101 Mine Road, Monroe, NY and on line at:

The action involves the proposed adoption of Revisions to Chapter 57 Zoning and attached zoning tables (Zoning Code Amendment) would apply to all parcels in the unincorporated portions of the Town of Monroe, NY. This Action is an implementation of the Comprehensive Plan, which was adopted on May 19, 2008 by the Town of Monroe Town Board, and was subject to SEQR public hearing in January of 2008.

This proposed action would amend the current version of Chapter 57 Zoning and attached Zoning Tables with a newer version that has been updated to reflect changes in state laws and provides more effective protection of the Town of Monroe's environment, and implements changes recommended in the Town of Monroe Comprehensive Plan.

The project is located in the unincorporated portions of the Town of Monroe, New York.

Contact: Mary Ellen Beams, Town of Monroe, Town Hall, 101 Mine Road, Monroe, NY 10950, Phone: (845) 783-1900.

Notice of Acceptance of Final GEIS

Westchester County - The City of New Rochelle City Council, as lead agency, has accepted a Final Generic Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed City of New Rochelle Downtown Overlay Zone and Zoning Map Amendments. A public hearing on the Final GEIS will be held on November 24, 2015 at 7:30 p.m. at the New Rochelle City Hall, City Council Chambers, 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY10801. The Final GEIS is available from the City Clerk's Office, New Rochelle City Hall, 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801 and on line at:

The City of New Rochelle and the selected Master Developer (RDRXR) are proposing the adoption of a new Downtown Overlay Zone for an approximately 274 acre area of the downtown, centered around the New Rochelle train station. The Downtown Overlay Zone is proposed as an optional overlay district, whereby landowners can choose to opt into development under the proposed Downtown Overlay Zone requirements. The Downtown Overlay Zone is broken into six Overlay Districts (DO-1 through DO-6) of varying density and uses. The highest density district, DO-1, is located in the core downtown in close proximity to the New Rochelle Train Station. The districts decrease in density and permitted heights as they move away from the DO-1 District. The intent of the Downtown Overlay District is to encourage downtown redevelopment through the creation of an active, mixed-use district with convenient, safe and pleasant access to the New Rochelle Transportation Center. The proposed Downtown Overlay Zone would standardize uses to encourage the development of economically diverse high quality housing, modern retail, commercial, office, hotel space and civic uses, integrated with well-designed pedestrian friendly streetscapes, and appropriately placed open and green spaces. The overlay districts currently existing in the zoning code (Downtown Density Bonus Floating Overlay Zone, West Downtown Business Floating District, and Transit Oriented Floating District) would be replaced by the proposed Downtown Overlay Zone.

The Proposed Action has the potential to incentivize new development in the Downtown over the next ten years, resulting in the potential for approximately 5,500 units of high-density residential use, approximately one million square feet of retail, approximately 1.2 million square feet of office space, and approximately 3.7 million square feet of other commercial uses (i.e. adult care, hotel, cultural uses, education and institutional uses, research and design, etc.). This development program would be spread across all six districts within the Downtown Overlay District

The project is located on 274± acres within the downtown portion of the City of New Rochelle, New York.

Contact: Luiz Aragon, City of New Rochelle 515 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY 10801, Phone: (914) 654-2185.

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