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ENB - Region 1 Notices 8/5/2015

Negative Declaration

Nassau County - The Nassau County Legislature, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Training Facility at the Cantiague Park Ice Arena will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the development of a 36,139 square foot athletic training center adjacent to the existing indoor ice hockey arena at Cantiague County Park located on West John Street in Hicksville, New York. The facility will be supported by a new 50 stall parking lot to be located directly to the west of the training center. Vehicular access will be from an existing parking lot to the southwest of the subject property. Public access to the new facility will be by way of a new sidewalk and access path connecting the n/e corner of the existing parking lot to the proposed doorway leading to the indoor turf field. In addition to the new training center, the existing arena will be expanded by 4,000 square foot to the south to accommodate an NHL regulation-sized hockey rink. No additional seating is proposed. Other ancillary improvements include a rehabilitated lobby area and a 1,271 square foot pro shop. The relocation of an existing playground on the subject property will accompany the proposed action. The playground will be disassembled and a new play area will be erected in an area north of the proposed access path. Patrons will be able to access the playground from the existing parking lot using the new sidewalk and realigned access path. Trees located within the subject property (37 trees) will be removed; 37 new trees will be planted within the limits of the Park. Replanting locations will be determined by Nassau County staff trained in the areas of horticulture and landscape architecture. The proposed two story training center will include gymnasium/turf field and training space, locker rooms, weight room, equipment storage located on the first floor (19,557 square foot), and administrative offices and storage space on the second floor (16,582 square foot).

Contact: Sean Sallie, Nassau County, 1194 Prospect Avenue, Westbury, NY 11590, Phone: (516) 571-9342, E-mail:

Conditioned Negative Declaration

Suffolk County - The Village of North Haven Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed West Bank Association- Revetment and Drainage will not have a significant adverse environmental impact provided specific conditions are met. There will be a 30 day public comment period commencing with the date of this notice.

The action involves a proposal by the applicant to construct a 14 linear foot rock revetment as depicted on the drawing titled "Site Plan & Details", prepared 9/29/14, last dated 3/26/15, prepared by The Raynor Group, P.E., & L.S. PLLC. As depicted on the referenced drawing, the revetment will have a variable height to follow the existing grade of the bluff fronting the property. The cross section provided on the referenced plan indicates that the structure will be approximately 7 foot tall, measured from existing grade. The structure will continue below grade for approximately another 4 foot. Both layers of armor stone are to be comprised of 1-3 ton rock individually placed in a "points out" orientation. The armor stone is to be underlain by bedding stone and filter fabric as indicated on the referenced drawing. The southern end of the proposed revetment is to be woven into the approved revetment located on the neighboring property. The northern end of the proposed revetment is to be joined to the existing bulkhead owned by the applicant. Included in this proposal is the mitigation of beach and bluff compatible sand and cobble over, above, and seaward of the proposed revetment, as shown on the referenced drawing and as further described in the listing of mitigation conditions. In addition, proposed improvements to the drainage flow, including the placement or 4 catch basins and leaching pools, located upland of the proposed revetment, along the main corridor of runoff flow, are anticipated to reduce the potential of runoff - thus reducing the potential of erosion from the volume of flow that has historically created "washout" in the proximity of the proposed revetment. The project is located in the Open Space which is accessed by Bay View Court in the Incorporated Village of North Haven, Sag Harbor, New York.

The conditions are:

  1. The rock revetment will be constructed in a "points out", rough, configuration.
  2. The southern end of the proposed revetment will be "woven" into the end of the revetment approved for the adjacent property. Whereas, the northern end of the proposed revetment will be joined to the existing bulkhead.
  3. One beach transect will take place fronting the revetment immediately prior and after construction in order to determine base beach elevation levels. Surveys and transects should be replicated in the Spring and Fall of every year and submitted to the Village, for 10 years following the completion of construction and issuance of a certificate of compliance.
  4. Beach compatible fill (80% pebble/cobble and 20% sand) will be placed over the revetment and fronting beach at a rate of 2.2 cubic yard per linear foot. The fill must result in no less than 1 foot of cover over the revetment.
  5. Additional beach compatible fill must he placed over the revetment and beach within 90 days when either (a) 70% of the fill has been transported off site and/or (b) the revetment becomes exposed.
  6. Following the placement of beach compatible fill , beach grass must be planted 12 inch on-center, 3 plants per hole, over and above the revetment.
  7. A series of dry wells will be added to the right of way located upland of the revetment to help capture and contain runoff currently flowing towards the eroded bluff. Grade deflectors will be employed to direct the runoff into the drywells.
  8. The right of way will be stabilized to minimize the flow of overland debris and prevent sedimentation of the drywells.

    Contact: Latishia L. Johnson, Incorporated Village of North Haven, 335 Perry Street, Sag Harbor, NY 11963, Phone: (631) 725-1378.

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