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ENB - Region 2 Notices 4/29/2015

Negative Declaration

Bronx County (Bronx) - The New York City Planning Commission, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed 285 East 138th Street (Tres Puentes) will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves a proposal by the applicant, Westside Federation of Senior and Supportive Housing, for a Zoning Map Amendment to rezone a portion of an R6 district to R7-2, R7-2/C2-4, R7-2/C1-4, and R6/C1-4; a Zoning Text Amendment to modify ZR Section 74-745 to permit reduction or waiver for parking requirements for non-profit residences for the elderly in R7-2 districts within Bronx Community District 1; Special Permits for a General Large Scale Development pursuant to ZR 74-74, as modified, to amend bulk requirements and reduce required parking; a Zoning Authorization pursuant to ZR 36-72 to reduce required bicycle parking; and modification to cancel the Restrictive Declaration (D-34) to permit the enlargement of an existing 145-unit HUD-assisted senior housing development, known as Borinquen Court, located at 285 East 138th Street (Project Site) with two new buildings.

The proposed action would facilitate a proposal by the Applicant to enlarge Borinquen Court with two new buildings: an 8-story (maximum 85 foot tall), 57,700 ± gross square feet residential building, and a 12 story (maximum 125 foot tall), 129,900 ± gross square feet residential building. Borinquen Court currently includes 134,300 ± gross square feet of floor area and 145 dwelling units for seniors. The two new buildings would contain a total of 178 dwelling units all of which would be income-restricted units for seniors and/or physically handicapped persons, and would be connected to Borinquen Court by enclosed walkways. The two new buildings would be built on areas currently utilized for parking and landscaped recreation area. When completed, Borinquen Court and the two new buildings would contain 321,900 gross square feet of floor area, 323 residential units, and 10 parking spaces, and would be known as Tres Puentes.

The proposed Zoning Map Amendment would affect the Project Site as well as the two adjacent lots. The two adjacent lots are located within the Mott Haven Historic District, and contain the 10th Precinct Police Station and a ten unit apartment building. Under the proposed Zoning Map Amendment, these two properties would be rezoned from R6 to R6/C1-4. It is not expected that these properties would take advantage of the commercial overlay and be redeveloped under the proposed zoning because the Police Station is an active use on a city-owned property and the ten-unit apartment building's floor plan cannot accommodate a separate entrance for a commercial space. The proposed Zoning Text Amendment would affect all R7-2 zoning districts within Bronx Community District 1; however, the Project Site is the only property in an R7-2 district in Bronx Community District 1 that is developed with non-profit residences for the elderly; therefore, the text amendment would be applicable only to the Project Site. The proposed Zoning Authorization, Special Permit and modification to the Restrictive Declaration would not affect any properties other than the Project Site. The expected build year for the project is 2017. Absent the proposed action, the existing Borinquen Court development is expected to remain unchanged.

The proposed action would not result in significant adverse impacts to historic resources. Because the Project Site is located within 90 feet of the Mott Haven Historic District, any new development on the Project Site would need to comply with the procedures included in the New York City Department of Buildings Technical Policy Procedure Notice #10/88 and New York City Landmarks Preservation Committee's (NYC LPC) Guidelines for Construction Adjacent to a Historic Landmark and Protection Programs for Landmark Buildings. Pursuant to these procedures, a Construction Protection Plan (CPP) is required. The CPP would be prepared and submitted to NYC LPC prior to the start of construction.

The project is located at 285 East 138th Street in Bronx Community District 1, New York.

Contact: Robert Dobruskin, New York City Department of City Planning, 22 Reade Street, Room 4E, New York, NY 10007, Phone: (212) 720-3423, E-mail:

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