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ENB - Region 4 Notices 11/13/2013

Negative Declaration

Albany County - The City of Albany Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Wellington Place will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the following development at 132 - 140 State Street and 67 Howard Street in the City of Albany, New York.

  • 132 State Street - Provide approximately 1,890 square of retail space on the first floor and approximately 7,560 square feet of office space on floors 2 through 5.
  • 136 State Street - Combine portions of former 134 State Street and 136 State Street. Originally, 134 State Street was 6 stories and it will be modified to have 5 stories of office space. Originally, 136 State Street was 11 stories and it will be modified to have 5 stories of office space. The new No. 136 state Street will have 18,200 square feet of office space.
  • 138 State Street - The three stories, mezzanine and basement of the building will be restored. The Applicant proposes to provide approximately 8,750 square feet of office space.
  • 140 State Street - Provide approximately 1,100 ± square feet of retail space on the first floor and 4,400 ± square feet of apartment space on floors 2 through 5.
  • 67 Howard Street - Construct a parking structure consisting of one ground level and three elevated parking levels to accommodate up to 300 ± cars.

Contact: Bradley Glass, City of Albany, 200 Henry Johnson Boulevard, Albany, NY 12210, Phone: (518) 445-0754, E-mail: glassb@ci.albany.ny.us.

Schenectady County - The Town of Princetown, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Adoption of Town of Princetown Comprehensive Plan will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the adoption of a new Comprehensive Plan for the Town of Princetown pursuant to Town Law section 272-a to serve as a guide to future land use and planning and to make recommendations regarding zoning and other land use laws. The process followed by the Town included the appointment of a Comprehensive Plan Revision Committee which undertook a review of the existing Comprehensive Plan and drafts prepared by committees in prior years. The committee then assessed the existing conditions (demographic, housing, income, environmental, land use, economic, recreation, transportation, historic sites, etc). The committee held a series of open, public forums to involve the public and to determine the issues, desired future direction, strategies and action that could be implemented to assist the Town in achieving the community's stated goals. In addition to the public forums, the committee had the benefit of a residential survey and other public comment at public hearings. The committee drafted and revised the new comprehensive plan and held a public hearing on it and then submitted it to the Town Board. The Town Board held public hearings, received written comment after notice to involved agencies, revised the proposed Comprehensive Plan, declared itself lead agency for State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) purposes, prepared a full Environmental Assessment Form (EAF) and reviewed the EAF at a public meeting on October 29, 2013 and issued a negative declaration which is submitted herewith. The project is located throughout the Town of Princetown, New York.

Contact: Michael Joyce, Town of Princetown, 165 Princetown Plaza, Schenectady, NY 12306, Phone: (518) 357-4045, E-mail: mjoyce@princetown.net.

Notice of Acceptance of Final EIS and Public Hearing

Albany County - The NYS Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation (NYS OPRHP), as lead agency, has accepted a Final Environmental Impact Statement on the proposed Adoption and Implementation of a Master Plan for John Boyd Thatcher State Park (Incorporating the Former Thompson's Lake State Park). Agencies and the public are afforded the opportunity to consider the Final EIS; this consideration period ends on November 25, 2013. The Final EIS is available from the John Boyd Thatcher State Park Office; at the offices of the agency contacts listed below; the Voorheesville Public Library, 51 School Road, Voorheesville; the Berne Public Library, 1656 Helderberg Trail, Berne; the Guilderland Public Library, 2228 Western Avenue, Guilderland, NY and on line at: http://www.nysparks.state.ny.us/inside-our-agency/master-plans.aspx.

The action involves the adoption and implementation of a Master Plan for John Boyd Thatcher and Thompson's Lake State Parks. The master plan includes proposals for resource protection and for recreational use including continued rehabilitation and maintenance of the parks' existing facilities. The Plan proposes to merge the two parks into one park called John Boyd Thatcher State Park. New buildings and facilities proposed at Thatcher Park include a new visitor center near the Indian Ladder Trail; redesign of the former pool area to include a challenge course, walkways and bikepaths and a basketball court; redesign of the Glenn Doone picnic area; installation of a new mountain bike skills park; replacement of several comfort stations; extension of the Indian Ladder and escarpment trails and improvements to other trails in the park; implementation of a new rock climbing program following the development of a climbing management plan; and consideration of development of an adventure course by the private sector. New buildings and facilities proposed for Thompson's Lake State Park include the expansion of the camping area including a new contact station for campers; expansion and redesign of the beach area; and a 4.6 mile trail connecting the two parks. Natural resource protection recommendations include designation of a Natural Heritage Area along the escarpment and cliff face in Thatcher Park to highlight and protect the significant natural communities in that area of the park; development of an Invasive Species Management Plan and expansion of the New York State Bird Conservation Area to include all of both parks. The Final EIS describes potential environmental impacts and mitigation of those that may be adverse. Areas that have been evaluated with respect to impacts include: land, water, wetlands, air, biological resources/ecology, historic and archeological resources, scenic resources, recreation, traffic/access, public health and safety, and energy, noise and odor.

The Final EIS also includes a chapter summarizing public comments on the Draft Plan and Draft EIS and the NYS OPRHP's responses to comments. Based on public comments on the Draft Master Plan and Draft EIS, the following significant changes were made to the Master Plan and EIS: Description of current hunting and fishing regulations in the Park was added to the Existing Conditions section on page 27 in the Final EIS; Description of Geology in Existing Conditions was revised to include information on rock fracturing, page 19 in the Final EIS; Changes were made to the background and Alternative iii Considerations of the Rock Climbing analysis on pages 43-45 in the Final EIS; The Cave Management Action Step has been moved to the Recreation Development section of the Final Master Plan, Action Step 8 on page 18 of the Final Master Plan; and The mountain bike skills park and looped trails have been moved from the area south of Beaver Dam Road to the area near the Carrick Road trailhead. Pages 54-55 in the Final EIS and page 18 in the Final Master Plan.

The John Boyd Thatcher State Park is located at 1 Hailes Cave Road in Voorheesville in the Towns of Berne, Guilderland, Knox and New Scotland, New York and Thompson's Lake State Park is located at 68 Thompsons Lake Road in East Berne,Town of Knox, New York.

Contact: Alane Ball Chinian, NYS OPRHP - Saratoga-Capital District Region, 19 Roosevelt Drive, Saratoga Springs, NY, Phone: (518) 584-2000 or M. Pamela Otis, NYS OPRHP - Environmental Management Bureau, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12238, Phone: (518) 474-0409.

Comments may be e-mailed to: thacher-thompson.plan@parks.ny.gov.

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