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ENB - Region 3 Notices 7/24/2013

Negative Declaration

Dutchess County - The Village of Wappingers Falls Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Gabriel Subdivision will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the subdivision of a 0.597 ± acre parcel into two lots. Lot 1 will contain an existing single-family dwelling. Lot 2 will contain an existing four-unit apartment building. Both lots will continue to be served by existing municipal water and sewer services. No development or improvements are proposed as part of this action. The project is located at Elm Street and Franklindale Avenue in the Village of Wappingers Falls, New York.

Contact: Mary Ann Loncto, Village of Wappingers Falls, 7 Spring Street, Wappingers, NY 12590, Phone: (845) 297-5277, E-mail: mloncto@wappingersfallsny.gov.

Sullivan County - The Town of Tusten, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Zoning Code Amendments - 2013 will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the amending of the Zoning Law of the Town of Tusten, specifically amending Definitions; Zoning Map; Supplementary Regulations Pertaining to Specific Uses. The proposed action also includes an addition to the Zoning Law that includes the following provisions-Exotic Animal and Exotic Animal Sanctuaries. Specifically, the proposed law enacts more relevant and concise definitions that reflect new and emerging uses. These definitions are, in turn, linked in a succinct manner to the Schedule of District Regulations and supplementary regulations that allows the Town of Tusten, via the Code Enforcement Officer (CEO), more clarity and tangibility for review and enforcement of requirements and restrictions when required. The proposed law also includes specifications to enhance public safety by requiring new dimensional requirements for new driveways to facilitate effective egress and ingress of emergency vehicles. The proposed law establishes new criteria for accessory living quarters and renewals for such uses and it establishes standards and criteria for solar and wind energy systems, criteria for the use of cargo containers as storage uses in addition to Portable on Demand (POD) containers. The proposed law also provides threshold criteria for clear culling consistent with the revised definition noted above. Finally, the proposed regulations integrate the text of separate local laws on camping and sleeping accommodations within the Section 6.2 of the revised zoning focusing on Campgrounds, Use of Recreation Vehicles (RV) and Camping.

The project is located throughout the Town of Tusten, New York.

Contact: Carol Wingert, Town of Tusten, 210 Bridge Street, Narrowsburg, NY 10590, Phone: (845) 252-3668, E-mail: supervisor@tusten.org.

Ulster County - The Town of Esopus Planning Board, as lead agency, has determined that the proposed Esopus Farm Hotel and Retreat; Special Use Permit and Lot Line Adjustment Approvals will not have a significant adverse environmental impact. The action involves the change of use of warehouse site and abutting one family residential site into a resort hotel and bar/restaurant; subject to approval of special use permits approval under Chapter 123 of the Town of Esopus Town Code, "Zoning";
and a lot line adjustment to redefine 2 existing parcels, of 143 acres and 10.09 acres, into two lots of 68.25 acres and 84.8 acres, subject to approval under Chapter 107 of the Town of Esopus Town Code, "Subdivision of Land;" with the 68.25 acre parcel to encompass the proposed resort hotel and bar/restaurant. A total of 63 guest rooms
are proposed. The hotel and bar/restaurant facilities will be open to the general public. The use of certain on-site amenities, such as the day spa, (the pool) and the small outdoor tent/yurt area, is to be restricted to registered hotel guests. The hotel will also include banquet and meeting space. A total of 23,280 square feet of new building
floorspace will be constructed. Parking will be provided for 357 vehicles. An on-site central water supply and wastewater treatment plant will be developed. Site disturbance has been calculated to affect just under 20 acres; and the amount of post-development impervious surfaces will total 2.4 acres. Post-development storm water flows will be attenuated through the use of a variety of storm water management techniques.

The project is located at 1398 and 1466 Broadway (US Route 9W; State Highway 5508) between the Hamlets of Esopus and West Park in the Town of Esopus, New York.

Contact: Roxanne Pecora, Town of Esopus, P. O. Box 700, Port Ewen, NY 12466-0700, Phone: (845) 339-, E-mail: planning@esopus.com.

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